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Career Coach - Nescot's online tool that helps you plan your future

Nescot Career Coach is an online tool that helps you plan your career by giving you access to local, accurate and up-to-date information for your chosen area. You can see what training you would need for a particular job, and how much you could earn in Surrey. 

The data will also show you how many people in this county work in your chosen field, see what jobs are available, and even what kind of vacancies most people in Surrey are looking for.

Career Coach is easy to use, reliable and available 24 hours a day, every day of the year. To start using the service, just sign up here.

How to use Career Coach

To research a job, enter the field you’re interested in the search box. Career Coach will show you the type of career in this area, including what you can expect to earn and the number of people employed in this career in Surrey, as well as the relevant courses offered at Nescot.

For example, a search for 'social work' shows careers from a care assistant to a nurse and paramedic. The profile for a nurse shows you could earn £22,000 to £42,000, with 9,885 people working as a nurse in Surrey currently. Related courses at Nescot include a BSc in Computing, or a BTEC full-time course or apprenticeship in Health and Social Care. Similar careers are displayed on the bottom left-hand side, and vacancies are displayed on the top left.

Career Coach - Nescot's online tool that helps you plan your future

Create a CV

Career Coach also helps you to build your CV. The service takes you through the process by asking you to enter details including your work experience or employment history and your qualifications, as well as writing a personal profile.

Career Coach will then show you your CV, which you can take to The Employer Hub for help proof-reading and polishing.





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