Helping to achieve success

In addition to the course of study your son or daughter has chosen to pursue, there are many ways in which the college prepares your son or daughter for future success:

Literacy and Numeracy and ICT

These skills are vital for future success, so Nescot will provide your son or daughter with a formally accredited programme of study to help them present their work confidently and professionally.


The tutorial scheme at Nescot is designed to give your son or daughter an individually tailored learning experience. Every student has a personal tutor who can help with any queries they may have or support they may need.

Virtual Classrooms

Nescot uses cutting edge techniques to prepare our students for the modern workplace. Our online learning areas let students add to the information received in class and even contact their tutors when not in college.

Time Management and Attendance

Students are provided with timetables and learning plans, and encouraged to take responsibility for their own success with staff support. Every student is required to attend ALL lessons on their timetable, including Functional Skills, Tutorials and Enrichment. The college has Student Attendance Mentors (SAMs) who track attendance and help solve problems with getting to college. If a student is unable to attend college, they must contact their SAM to receive an absence code. When they return to the college they must use this code to have their absence authorised.

Holidays and routine medical appointments will not be authorised during term-time.

If your son or daughter is unable to attend college you must call 0208 394 8585 in the first instance.

Student Services

For all the additional areas of help and guidance you and your son or daughter may need during their time at Nescot, the College provides expert education, career and financial advisors, a confidential counselling service and medical services, including a college nurse. All of these services are free to students.








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