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One of the biggest and liveliest departments in the college, construction is also one of the most established. We have been training for the trades for over 50 years and we are one of the original departments from the old Ewell Technical College. What this means is that we have unparalleled experience of matching our training with the needs of local employers and long term links with trade and industry. We believe in working hard and playing hard and are a sociable, supportive team. We reward your hard work and you will have the chance to enter national skills competitions, take part in big charity fundraisers and enjoy social events like sea fishing trips to Brighton, paintballing and 5-a-side football.

In construction we are very proud of the quality of our staff’s industry experience. We believe that the variety and quality of the previous experience our lecturers bring to their teaching is hard to match in any other college in the South East:

The staff here can not only teach you the practical skills you need but can show you how to use those skills in the real world.

Our Facilities

Our site at Nescot is large and equipped with well stocked workshops with group work areas and individual units. All the workshops are linked so you will learn your specific subject alongside all the other construction trades to give you an overview of how they fit together. We also have cutting edge facilities like specialist electrical testing rooms to ensure your skills are up to the highest standards.

Links with Other Departments and Organisations

Our Department is passionate about the place our skills have in the wider world. We run competitions sponsored by employers like Tucker French, Rothenberger and British Gypsum and we have speakers, demonstrations and workshops by companies including Conway Hibbs, Durapipe, Grunfos Pumps and Worcester Bosch. Because we work in the trades ourselves, we know that every student we send out reflects on our own reputation. We are proud of the fact that our students leave Nescot fit for purpose.

Your Education and Your Career

Construction courses at Nescot are designed to maximise your chances of success. All our courses lead to industry recognised qualifications and many contain extra certificates that will improve your employability. We are also proud of the amount of students that progress to the highest levels after studying with us.

Students go on to take construction degrees at the country’s top universities, or to our own cutting edge Gas Academy, where they can specialise in the latest industry sectors such as Energy Efficiency or Solar Energy courses.

Previous students are working at the highest levels in their industries, either running their own businesses or for companies like British Gas, London Underground and Smith & Byford.

Student Profile

Matt Blacketer
Second Year, Level 3 Apprenticeship in Electrotechnical Technology
Student Photo

I studied Physics at the University of Kent, and when I graduated I found it hard to maintain a steady job so I started working with a friend. I found I enjoyed electrical work, and people always need electricians no matter what the economic climate, so I decided to take this to the next step and come to Nescot to study.

On a typical session at Nescot we might be up in the lab, where we're given a drawing or a layout and we work out the circuit or the wiring diagrams and test it all. We'll also learn the skills and knowledge we need at work, like how a site should be run and how to work safely. The tutors are very well respected because they're all fully-qualified themselves.

Nescot also helps students if they need support with functional skills, which you do as part of the apprenticeship. We use Weblearn a lot, the college's virtual learning environment, and the tutors will also send us to the Learning Resource Centre to research things. It's really well stocked, it's more like a university library.

An apprenticeship made sense for me because you work almost full-time but you are also studying to make sure you're learning the right way to do things. I prefer doing a full day at college than a few evenings, because you're not exhausted from a day's work and you can really concentrate on what you're being taught. I think it also makes you more attractive to employers, because they know you haven't just learnt the theory of doing something but you've had plenty of practice doing it yourself for real.

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Student Profile

Jennine Pegrum
Level 2 Apprenticeship in Plumbing
Student Photo

I worked in banking for 18 years for a High Street chain with roles including lead cashier and account manager, but I wasn't enjoying it anymore and I needed a new challenge. My husband and I own a business, DP Loft Conversions, so I decided to become a plumber. Nescot was the natural choice, and I am very glad I made the change.

I am 40, and I was a little nervous about being not just the only mature apprentice, but also the only woman. Everyone made me feel welcome, from the tutors to the other students, and I've made a lot of friends here. I started on a Level 1 course, and next I'm hoping to do a Level 3 Apprenticeship in Plumbing to learn more about the gas side.

It is challenging to balance running a business, looking after a son and a daughter, working and studying, but the support from my tutors at Nescot and my family have made it achievable. My tutors are all tradesmen, so they all have first-hand knowledge of what they're teaching you. I'm hoping that when women start to see more women as plumbers they'll realise they can do it too. I'd say to anyone thinking about doing an apprenticeship to go for it, because you never know where it will take you.

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Nescot Apprenticeships - Jack Reeve - Carpentry & Joinery Apprentice

Nescot Apprenticeships - Jack Reeve - Carpentry & Joinery Apprentice

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