The GCSE and Skills Zone team is one of Nescot’s biggest successes. We work across all departments to help students get the maximum benefit from their courses. One of the things we are most proud of is the level of achievement we get from our students, and believe this is a result of our high quality teaching.

Our Staff

We are not only specialists in literacy and numeracy but also in Information Technology and Computing. This means that we have the expertise to develop creative ways of teaching. We are a young, innovative team and we believe that every student is an individual with different ways of learning. We work hard to build a close relationship with you and we assess you personally and teach you what you need to know in ways that work best for you.

Our Facilities

We are based on the top floor of the LRC (Learning Resources Centre), giving us access to fantastic computer suites and IT facilities. We have off college sites where we bring our teaching to hard-to-reach members of the community and also run a virtual college site, which means you get access to learning materials from anywhere with an internet enabled computer.

Your Future

Our courses not only build the skills you will need for the rest of your life but all of them lead to external accreditations that make you immediately more employable and give you more options in education.

Our teaching is designed to show you how to present yourself and your work as well as possible and be confident in your professional conduct. We are experts at identifying the best routes to success for our students and we tailor your learning to your individual abilities. Because we do our testing online, you can take exams when you are ready and will rapidly see the benefits of our courses in your education and your day-to-day life.








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