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Teacher Training

Teacher Training -

The Teacher Training Department at Nescot prides itself on flexible and targeted provision of courses for those who want to teach in the post 16, lifelong learning sector.

These courses are designed for those with a real passion for teaching and will show you how to transmit that passion directly to your students in the classroom arena while giving you the solid qualifying foundations you need to teach in this exciting sector.

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Our Staff

Our staff have years of teaching experience in schools, colleges, corporate training and staff development and with specific community groups. We have specialised expertise across a range of needs, including behavioural and dyslexia. There are very few challenges within teaching that our staff have not met before and they fully understand the demands on the modern practitioner.

Our students range from those who have spent years in a teaching environment and want to take their careers to another level, to those who have little experience in the sector but the passion and drive to succeed. The structure and timings of our courses are designed for those with busy working and family lives.

We keep our class sizes small, at around 16 students, so you not only get much more individual attention from your tutors but build a real relationship with your classmates. Our expert tutors will also pinpoint the areas you are most challenged by and give you the personal skills and tools to master them. We then encourage you to learn from one another and bring your own experiences to the course using group work sessions, paired work and class discussions. You will even observe and evaluate one another’s teaching sessions as well as observing talented advanced practitioners in action.

Working with Other Departments and Organisations

Our staff’s years of experience in the sector mean they have access to a wide variety of speakers in specialist areas, who come to share their knowledge with our students. You will hear from experts in such fields as Continuing Professional Development and Neuro Linguistic Programming, as well as professionals who support students and teaching like student finance and counselling experts.

We also work closely with teaching institutions in the area, including Farnborough College, the University of Surrey and other adult education providers.

This department is staffed by people who are fascinated by and passionate about teaching. We pride ourselves on the level of support we give to every student and are motivated by the pleasure and confidence our students gain from their success. These courses are literally life changing. Many of our students have spent years accumulating knowledge in their fields and our courses enable them to pass that knowledge on as expert teachers and trainers in this deeply satisfying sector.

Student Profile

Teacher Training Case Study
Teacher Training
Student Photo

Name: Cheryl Bedding

Age: 33

From: Morden

What made you decide to come to Nescot to study Teacher Training?

I was a freelance trainer of childcare providers and realised I needed the Cert Ed. I was drawn to Nescot as it has the best reputation for childcare.

When I came in the tutors were very accommodating to someone with career and family commitments. They examined my previous qualifications and said I only had to do one of the units last year – they made it easy for me to be honest!

How has the college lived up to your expectations?

Although I’m in my second year I’ve only done 12 weeks and the change has been dramatic. Talking to tutors, I realised I was qualified to apply for a college lecturer job and I now teach childcare to sixth formers – I did childcare at college at that age and now I’m a childcare lecturer myself!

Teaching sixteen-year-olds for the first time I constantly refer back to what we do on the course. The unit on managing classroom behaviour had me sitting there like a sponge, just soaking everything up. I’m learning so much - not just the course content but tips from the rest of the group and I already see the results in the growing confidence of my class.

How have you changed in your time at Nescot?

I never would have dreamt I could be a college lecturer before, I thought you’d need degrees coming out of your ears! It’s had an impact on my professional confidence, and our family finances, and really opened my eyes to possibilities on my career path. I love the look on people’s faces when I tell them what I do. In my teaching I can feel myself growing all the time – that’s the lovely thing, you don’t have to wait until you’re qualified. You’ll learn something on the Friday and be putting it into practice on the Monday.

What are your plans for the future?

I’m definitely going to see out this year at the college but I’m also planning to achieve my QTLS, which I can do at work. With new recommendations that these qualifications allow us to teach in schools, I’d ideally like to work as a nursery teacher. I could combine my 16 years experience and passion for early years with my new passion for teaching. That would be perfect.

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