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How will my apprenticeship be assessed?

An apprenticeship is a framework of qualifications which takes place in the workplace and assesses your ability to undertake specific parts of the job.

An Apprenticeship is usually made up of at least 4 parts:

The competency qualification (NVQ)
This is specific to each course. A college assessor will visit you at work at various points during your course and observe your practical skills, judging you either as 'competent' or 'not competent'. If you are judged as not competent you'll be able to get some more practice before being assessed again.

The knowledge qualification (Technical certificate)
This is an academic assessment of your knowledge, but not all apprenticeships have this component. Assessment method is decided by the awarding body, and could include case studies, projects, practical skills tests and exams. 

Functional Skills (English, Maths and IT)
As part of your apprenticeship you are required to achieve a level of Maths, English and IT to enable you to meet the needs of employers. If you already have qualifications such as GCSEs or AS or A-Levels you may not need to do Functional Skills. Not all apprenticeships need you to have all three Functional Skills. You'll be assessed through online multiple choice exams. 

Employment right and responsibilities
Every apprentice must demonstrate they know and understand the rights of employers and employees under employment law. Teaching will cover topics including health and safety, equality and diversity and other contractual rights.

You may also have to take some sector-specific qualifications, but this will be explained at your interview.





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