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An apprenticeship enables anyone aged 16 and over to learn a profession by learning knowledge and skills in the classroom and gaining practical experience at work. Apprenticeships at Nescot range from Accounting, Computing and Combat Systems Engineering to Customer Service, Childcare and Sport. 

Thanks for your interest in Nescot’s Apprenticeships. We hope you can find all the information you need on our website, but if you still have any questions you’re welcome to call the Apprenticeships team on 020 8394 8400 or email us. You can also call the college’s Advice and Guidance team for a chat on 020 8394 3038 or email them, or contact us via Facebook  or Twitter.


Information for students:

What is an apprenticeship?
What can I study?
How can I apply for an apprenticeship at Nescot?
What are the advantages of doing an apprenticeship?
How can I find a job for my apprenticeship?
How much does an apprenticeship cost?
How will I be assessed?
How will Nescot support me during my apprenticeship?

Information for employers:

The apprenticeship team is part of Nescot's Employer Services centre. You can find out more about what else the Employer Services team do here, including our flexible learning options, Training Works, and our Gas and Electrical Academy. If you’re interested in becoming an apprentice but don’t have a job, our on-site REED NCFE Centre can help. You can read more about what they do here.

Nescot is Epsom’s college of Further and Higher Education, and offers full and part-time vocational courses and apprenticeships to students from across the whole South East. We’ve got all kinds of courses, from Animal Care to Public Services and Performing Arts to Games Design, and qualifications from entry-level to post-graduate. You can have a look at our Further Education courses here, and our Higher Education courses here. Nescot also has some great facilities and services, from our Osteopathy and Hair and Beauty Clinics to our Nursery, Counselling service and Sports facilities.

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Apprenticeship Guide for Students 2014

Apprenticeship Guide for Businesses 2014


Student Profile

Ryan Crook
Apprenticeship in Level 3 Diploma in Advanced Fibrous Plastering
Student Photo

I knew Nescot had a really good reputation for construction courses, and when I came to an open evening to have a look around the college I was impressed by the department. It's a big department, there's a lot of different courses and there's a lot of lecturers, so I knew I would be able to learn a lot from them.

I started a Level 1 CSkills Diploma in Plastering and progressed to Level 2, but then one of my tutors put me forward for an apprenticeship with George Jackson Ltd. They're a prestigious firm, and they're credited with introducing fibrous plastering to the UK. The company took me on as an apprentice, and now I spend one day a week at college and the rest working.

At work I get given jobs and bigger projects, which means I get to learn a lot of different things and really sharpen my skills. I've made enriched cornices, niches, piece moulds and fluted pilasters, and although I still have a lot to learn I'm proud of what I can do now. I work hard and I really love the job. My boss also put me forward for a Surrey County Apprentice Award, which is amazing.

The tutors in our department are really good. They've all worked in the trade themselves, and some of them still do, so they know what they're doing. They know the students really well, and they always have time to help you. I don't think lecturers always give their students so much time, so we're lucky.

I would definitely recommend doing an apprenticeship. When you're working in the trade there can be lots of right ways to do a task. Your lecturer at college will teach you the way they would do it, but then at work you could learn another which suits you better. You get the qualifications you need to work in the trade, but having all the work experience gives you a better edge.

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Student Profile

Matt Brash
Level 1 Apprenticeship in Bricklaying
Student Photo

I didn't really enjoy school and I'd assumed college would be the same, but it's totally different at Nescot and I'm really enjoying my course. At the start of the academic year I gave my CV to the apprenticeship team and they helped me find a job. Now I do one day a week at college and the rest working as a bricklayer, but the college are flexible with which day I come in.

At the start of the course you learn about how to work safely and the basic theory of bricklaying, and then the rest of the year you combine practical and theory. All the teachers are trained bricklayers themselves, so if you've done something wrong they help you understand why it's happened so you don't do it again. We're treated like adults, and although the tutors give you all the support you need they don't do it for you. With an apprenticeship you get the best of both worlds, because you learn a lot in college and you get to use all of that when you're at work.

Since I've been at Nescot I've had a lot of support for my dyslexia. At the start of the year I had a meeting to find out how the college could help while I studied. I had help for the Functional Skills in English section, 25% extra time in exams and I also get support in lessons if I need it. I'm staying on at Nescot to do my Level 2 next year, and when I've finished I'm hoping my company will take me on full-time.

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Student Profile

Lewis Forrester
Level 2 Apprenticeship in Carpentry and Joinery (Painshill Park Trust)
Student Photo

I wanted to come to Nescot because it's got a really good reputation for all the construction courses, and I saw there was a very good pass rate for carpentry. I've always wanted to do carpentry, and the course has taught me so much. The tutors really know what they're talking about, and we have all the facilities we need.

After I'd studied full-time I decided an apprenticeship was the best option, so that I could earn a salary while I continued studying. Nescot's Advice and Guidance team helped me find and apply for an apprenticeship at Painshill Park Trust, doing maintenance and restoration. Now I do four days a week there and one day at college.

Painshill is an 18th century landscape garden, and I've worked on a lot of different projects including repairing and redecorating a Chinese bridge over a lake and helping the contractors restore the Crystal Grotto. I work as hard as I can and I do all my work to the best of my ability, and I'm really enjoying it. In college you learn one way of doing a task, but because of the type of work I do at Painshill I've had to learn different ways and skills. I'd recommend an apprenticeship to anyone, because it's the best of both worlds between getting experience and earning a salary, and learning the theory.

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Excellent service, very happy all round and could not manage without the apprentice”
Adtech Electrical Contractors Limited

“Our apprentice is getting on very well and I am very pleased with the training
DC Plumbing Heating Gas

86% overall satisfaction rating from employers

89% of employers would recommend Nescot

86% of employers cite the professionalism of Nescot staff as good or excellent

“We have found very efficient working with NESCOT. Would recommend”
Glenesk School

“We took on an apprentice under the Nescot scheme and have been very happy with both the candidate and the trainer who has kept in regular contact with him, and us. He is proving to be an asset
Bjic Holdings Limited

Really happy with the way the girls have enjoyed it and the level of confidence on coming out of College”
Krinkles Hair Salon

Nescot IT Apprentice Student Profile

Nescot IT Apprentice Student Profile

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16-19 Full Time

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