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Art, Design & Photography

The Art & Design Department runs courses for learners with a practical interest in creative work. The department’s work is multi-disciplinary, including:

Textiles, Fashion, Print, Drawing, Fine Art, History of Art, Sculpture, Animation, Photography & Film, Illustration, Graphic Design, 3D & Sculpture.

Our Staff

Our enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff trained at internationally renowned art schools and are professionally practising artists, designers and photographers active in the art and design community, regularly exhibiting work and undertaking commercial briefs.

Our Facilities

The department has purpose-built, naturally lit studios and specialist workshops for printmaking, 3D, digital work, film and photography studios and darkrooms (our facilities have Industry-standard equipment, digital imaging software and the photography studios have Elinchrom lighting).  Students are able to borrow specialist equipment including a complete range of Nikon DSLRs, film cameras and video cameras. Students also have access to studios and facilities for working with sound. Tutor demonstrators and technicians are available to help students to get the most from the equipment and facilities available. The department has an open studio policy and students often work in the department outside normal class hours on their portfolios and projects.

The Experience

There are a large number of visual arts students at Nescot and students frequently help each other with projects . We have a programme of visiting artists, photographers and designers to give students experience of working with a wide range of talents and temperaments and each year we stage a major end of year public exhibition.

Not all work takes place in studios and classrooms – we have trips abroad and visit places relevant to the areas we are covering in the curriculum, as well as visits to galleries and museums.

Your Future

Many of our students progress on to higher education and careers within the art & design sector, such as fine art, fashion, textiles, footwear design, graphic design, illustration, interior design, animation, 3D design and photography. Some learners develop confidence and new skills with us before moving into other industries. We believe that they all retain an interest in creative work.

For those who wish to continue their studies in the sector, our BTEC courses provide a direct route to Art School / University, unlike A-Levels (after which students need to complete a 1 year foundation course before progressing ). We work intensively with them on a 1-2-1 basis to prepare them for undergraduate level study so our students get offered places at their first or second choice course and over the past few years we have got our students into a wide variety of courses at Art Schools & Universities across the country:

Student Profile

Ramlah Wraich
Second year Level 3 BTEC Extended Diploma in Art and Design
Student Photo

I moved from Frankfurt in Germany to come to Nescot. I visited several colleges in the UK, and when I came to Nescot's open day I felt so welcome and comfortable. I feel completely part of the college, and that's made me feel part of the community too. I lived in New York for three months and I also considered studying there, but it was too much and too big for me. Everything was different, and it was also very far away from Germany, so I decided to move to the London. Nescot is a great location, because the campus is peaceful but you're also very close to London.

As an international student I've had a lot of extra support, such as help with my English when I'm submitting written work. It took me some time to settle in to the UK, but the tutors have been great and the other students have made me feel very welcome.

I've really enjoyed Art and Design and I've learnt a lot over the past two years. The tutors have high standards and expect a lot from the students, but if anyone is struggling then they will go out of their way to help. I loved the last unit, because we had a free choice of what we wanted to do. I did fashion, because I'm studying Fashion at the University for the Creative Arts in Epsom in September. I thought it was good to have the choice of a project that will help us with our next step.

I would definitely encourage international students to come to Nescot. It's a nice campus, everyone is friendly and welcoming, it's safe and the courses are great. I've been very happy here.

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Student Profile

Stephanie McAfee
First Year Level 3 BTEC Extended Diploma in Photography
Student Photo

When I started this course I thought photography was quite straight forward, but in the last year I've learnt so much about different skills and techniques. I'm a lot more confident now, and my tutors have really helped me by letting me do things like taking the official photos for the hair students' annual show. It was a really useful experience, because it let me put into practice what I'd learnt.

My favourite unit this year has been the darkroom. Using film is much harder than using a digital camera, because you just have one chance to get everything right. I think there's a beauty in that. Next year I'm really looking forward to learning about animation, which I've heard is a really interesting unit.

Once I finish my BTEC I'm hoping to progress here at Nescot by doing the Higher National Diploma. I love doing portraits of people, and my dream is to set up my own business doing that. I think the teachers in the photography department are amazing. They're really knowledgeable and supportive, and they treat the students fairly. At sixth form you are treated like a child, but here you are treated like an adult and you're given opportunities and responsibilities. They expect more from you, but I think it makes you better because you raise your own expectations and you start to realise that you can do it.

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Student Profile

Scott Berry
First Year Level 3 BTEC Extended Diploma in Art and Design
Student Photo

Our course is the best of both worlds. You do a BTEC full-time, so you choose one subject you're interested in and just do that, rather than doing one A-Level in something you like and a few others that you're not really interested in. But on the other hand, in Art and Design you study all kinds of things, including drawing, ceramics, animation and graphics, so you can learn a lot and then see what you want to specialise in.

My favourite unit so far this year has been the Final Major Project, where I did a series of drawings with the theme of balance. I'm hoping to have a career in illustrations or animation, so I'd like to go to university. The tutors in our department have been really supportive and they try to help all the students find out where they want to go and then help us achieve that.

I like the environment of the college. Nescot has a really green campus, and all the students love sitting on the grass outside when it's sunny. I like the facilities in the Art and Design department too – we work on Mac computers and there's a lot of different rooms depending on which type of material you're working with. We also get to put on exhibitions, and I think that kind of thing helps prepare you for the working world.

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