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The Music Technology Department runs courses for budding musicians, producers, performers and technicians. If you want to work in the Music Business this is the place for you.

We believe in developing the Music Practitioners of the future. We will challenge and develop your teamwork and your creative, industry related and technical knowledge, so that you can either progress into industry or onto a higher education.

Our Staff

Our enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff are industry qualified as experienced Composers, DJ’s, Producers, Filmmakers and Theatre, Television, and stadium professionals and we like to keep up to date by staying involved in our relevant industries. Our music lecturers are working recording artists and producers. This means that we can bring real and relevant industry insights to our teaching.

Our Facilities

The department has a fully equipped Music Studio suite, industry standard software and a high level of equipment.

Your Career

Music Technology will teach you the fundamentals of creating and working with music by producing, mixing and recording it. These courses not only give you the cutting edge technical skills you will need but will develop your own creativity and your understanding of your profession.

Student Profile

Jade Reid
First Year, Level 3 BTEC Extended Diploma in Music Practice
Student Photo

I had been offered a place on the Music Technology course, but Music Practice was a much better fit for me. I had considered other colleges, but the course at Nescot seemed much better and more organised, and the college seemed friendlier. I'm so glad I came here, I think it's one of the best decisions I've ever made.

At my interview I mentioned that I couldn't read music very well. The tutors told me I'd learn on the course, which I have. I sing and play the piano and acoustic guitar, and since I've been here I've formed a band called Epiphany. Our course is really focussed on performing, and I feel I'm a much better musician since I started. I used to be shy and get so nervous before going on stage, but I've learnt how to handle that and now I'm much more confident.

Everyone on the course has a different talent and is interested in a different style of music. We're encouraged to experiment with genres outside of our comfort zone, and I think we learn a lot better that way. All the students respect each other and give constructive feedback on performances. I sang with Epiphany at Nescot's FE Awards last year and also at Nestival, which the Music Technology students organised. I've learnt so much from my tutors, and they put so much time and energy into helping us improve. When I finish at Nescot I'd love to go to The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance in North London, and I think what I've learnt at college will help get me there.

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Student Profile

Tate Barber
Second Year Level 3 BTEC Extended Diploma in Music Technology
Student Photo

Before I came to Nescot I spent a year in my school starting A-Levels, but I think the college environment has suited me much better. I hadn't learnt an instrument or done any music grades and I thought that might hold me back. Then I met the tutor Kojo Osei at an open evening, and he reassured me it's about what you're capable of. He showed me around and I felt impressed by the department and the staff.

The course focuses multiple aspects of the industry and not just the theory. We've learnt a lot of really useful elements, like understanding acoustics and looking at how the freelance industry works. Things like that prepare you far better for actually working in the sector than just studying from books. I've also been impressed with the facilities the college has, from the computers to recording studio.

The best thing about the college is that the tutors are so good at what they do, and helping the students to succeed really matters to them. I've also found the Finance and Advice and Guidance teams really helpful, and the staff in the Learning Resource Centre. In September I'm planning to go to university to study Music Promotion.

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Create - Learn the fundamentals of creating and working with music by producing,mixing and recording.

Compose - Assessment is varied and includes observations,essays, discussions, presentations,performances and composition.

Produce - Fully equipped music studio,industry standard software such as Pro Tools LE, Cubase and Logic Pro music studio,featuring industry
standard applications. Newly updated Mac Pro studio control room to give you industry ready skills.

Soundtracks - Innovative projects including building soundtracks for film or stage productions.

Perform - Enter national competitions.Play or set up at our legendary Band Nights.

Learn - Attend exhibitions, gigs and concerts and learn how the latest technology is used in production.Get the knowledge from guest speakers in the

Experience - Students have also worked with Turbosound to set up a huge rig of sound equipment.

16-19 Full Time

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