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Uniformed Public Services

Public Services

Uniformed Public Services is a vibrant and forward-looking part of the college with strong links to the Sports team. Our courses are designed to prepare you for entrance into public services including the Police, Fire Brigade, Ambulance or Armed Services. These subjects attract serious, ambitious young men and women who are committed to improving society for all and we are equally committed to our teaching bringing out the very best in you.

The courses focus on both the selection process and the demands of the jobs themselves. You will develop your mental and physical fitness, leadership and problem solving abilities through structured activities and projects. We also believe in preparing you for the realities of the modern world with in-depth teaching about all aspects of society, including cultural awareness, diversity and the law. We believe this approach will give you the confidence to meet any challenge thrown at you.

Our Staff

Our team is extremely active and experienced, with a passion for the work of the uniformed services. One of the things that is great about Nescot is that, in addition to being qualified tutors, our staff are people with real world experience in the fields they teach. The Public Services team has experience ranging from high ranking Police, Army and Airforce instructor backgrounds to specific fitness and sports coaching qualifications in strength, fitness and conditioning.

Our Facilities

The department uses a range of facilities to train you in the diverse skills you will need to be successful in this demanding sector. Within the college itself, we have large well-equipped teaching rooms with interactive white boards and extensive IT facilities to help you present your work in a polished professional manner.

Links with Other Departments and Organisations

Students who want to enter the uniformed public services are planning on a career whose main function is to serve the public. With this in mind we involve our students in numerous activities and challenges to increase confidence, leadership and awareness. You will find yourself given opportunities to engage in exciting community volunteering projects and schemes like the Duke of Edinburgh Awards.

You will also enjoy activities, trips and outings to places like the Brecon Beacons, Rock UK and High Ashurst. Finally, due to our great links with the local Police, Fire and Ambulance Services and the Armed Forces you will have monthly key speakers come to the college and explain how what you are learning applies in the real world and help you gain future employment.

Your Education and Your Career

All our courses are designed to give you the best possible preparation for future success, be that straight into the services or on to higher education. The role of public services has grown immensely along with the challenges and triumphs of globalisation. You may find yourself enjoying a position as a respected community police officer or as part of a global intelligence network in the front line against terrorism.

Student Profile

Crystal Haylock
Second Year Level 3 BTEC Extended Diploma in Uniformed Public Services
Student Photo

I've done Level 1, 2 and 3 BTECs at Nescot, and next year I'm starting the Higher National Diploma (HND). I love this college, I feel a completely different person to when I arrived here. I was so shy and I had no self-confidence, but now I'm really happy. That's partly down to things like team-building and leadership on the course and getting used to making presentations, but mainly due to the support of my tutor, Darren Piper.

We've done a lot of trips to outdoor activity centres, we have a 'uniform day' every week to help prepare for life in the organisations like the police and army, and we also have speakers in. It's useful to be able to speak to someone already in the profession you're interested in, because you learn a lot more about what the job is really like.

I'm dyslexic, and the support from college has made a lot of difference. I know that I can go to the Learning Resource Centre at any point and get specialist help with anything I'm struggling with, and my tutors make an extra effort to make sure I understand the work. You have to commit yourself to do well on this course, but the tutors bend over backwards to help you.

I feel safe at the college because the security here is really good, and the campus is a good size. There's always a lot going on, but it doesn't feel overwhelming and everyone is friendly. I think it is a good link between school and university or a job.

I've wanted to join the police ever since I can remember, and due to this course and my tutor Darren I'm now a Special Constable in the Metropolitan Police Service. I volunteer at least four shifts a month, which fits around my college work. Once I've finished the HND I hope to become a full-time Police Constable, and my dream is to be a dog-handler.

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Great links with the local Police, and Fire services, MPs, Prisons and the Armed Forces and key industry speakers. Trips and excursions to Parliamentary buildings, Army assault courses and Naval bases.

Multiple trips to Outdoor Activity Centres to take part in land and water-based activities.

Weekly drill and physical training sessions run by ex-military staff that will help prepare you for the demands of employment in the uniformed public services.

Thorough grounding in cultural awareness and diversity to equip you to serve today’s multicultural society.

Mobile Team Challenges and thorough grounding in cultural awareness and diversity to equip you to serve today’s multicultural society.

Great links with the local Police, and Fire services, MPs, Prisons and the Armed Forces and key industry speakers. Trips and excursions to Parliamentary buildings and Naval bases.

Community volunteering, Duke of Edinburgh Awards, leadership training and targeted fitness training to prepare you for the challenge of public service.

Expedition and adventure activities in places like the Brecon Beacons and High Ashurst to hone your problem solving, teamwork, leadership and cohesion skills.

Award winning staff with Navy and Army instructor level backgrounds, expertise in the law of armed conflict and coaching qualifications in strength fitness and conditioning.

Expert training for the uniformed services entrance tests.

Nescot Creative Media Student Profile

Nescot Creative Media Student Profile

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16-19 Full Time

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