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Medical Science: Level 3 Extended Diploma - CLICK HERE

Applied Science: Level 2 Diploma - CLICK HERE

The application of science is fundamental to understanding the world today and to playing a large role in future technology, medicine, space travel, engineering projects, genetics and telecommunications.

Governments and companies employ scientists to determine best processes for agriculture and policy for management of population growth. Enjoying learning about how the various parts of the body work could lead into the interest of helping people or improving the quality of lives in local communities or indeed involving projects based in developing countries as a teacher of science.

Vital knowledge to understand and obtain full benefit in the 21st century includes the use of new applications and technology. The confidence to apply all these, if required for pleasure and indeed in the work related environment, iPods, iPhone and iPad for example.

Science offers an opportunity to work on their own at home or with other people performing an experiment, thus testing manual dexterity. A thinking challenge as principles are learnt and applications of science in the laboratory and in the world around us offers windows to view the use of science. It allows learning, organising information, making links between ideas and understanding the big picture that is the world past, present and future.

Science is vital for so many occupations including teaching, medicine, engineering and many more.

16-19 Full Time

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