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Biomedical Science

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Nescot College has a long history of innovation in training for science professionals. The department began by providing generic clinical physiology courses for medical and laboratory support staff. As the biomedical sector has expanded beyond all recognition, our courses have been uniquely positioned to provide the increasingly specialised training required by this most dynamic of global industries.

Our courses range from access science qualifications, to prepare learners with a non scientific background for a BSc, to specialised clinical MSc Courses and targeted training for medical and laboratory professionals.

Our staff

In addition to our extensive teaching experience, we have industry backgrounds ranging from hospital and clinical to theoretical and laboratory, wedded to expertise from around the world in areas like biochemistry, pharmacology and pathology.

We have a very real understanding of the field you are preparing to enter and the direction you would like your career to take. Whether you are an experienced science professional, wanting to take your career to the next level, or longing to take your first steps in this exciting field, we have the courses and the experience to offer you the best opportunities for success.

One of the main strengths of this department is our experience in helping our learners to fit studying into busy lives. Our courses are run at times which take into account the realities of work and family and we keep our class sizes substantially smaller than other providers, at an average of 16, to give you high levels of support from your tutors.

Working with other departments and organisations

As an established provider within a campus college we enjoy easy access to experts within the science establishment. We are able to run a regular programme of visiting lecturers and work closely with sector leaders to keep our training fresh and relevant to the fast pace of change in international innovation. In addition to our partnerships with British hospitals and research laboratories, our students enjoy lectures from the highest authorities in fields like haematology and visits to companies like Novartis.

Our success as a department stems from:

  • our constant evaluation of the quality of our courses
  • the relevance of the content and our delivery
  • our teaching skills and professional experience
  • the level of individual support we offer
  • our excellent relationships within the sector.

Your career

Previous students have totally transformed their lives, from working in betting shops, sports centres and the post office, they have gone on to become hospital doctors, perfusionists and phlebotomists as well as researchers.

Student Profile

Tracey Sturt
Access to HE & BSc (Hons) Applied Biomedical Science
Student Photo

Why did you decide to return to education?

I’m a qualified nurse but, as a single parent, had been out of work for three years. A good friend of mine persuaded me to apply so I rang up on the Friday and was told there was a place starting that Monday. I was absolutely terrified though, I think I’d have backed out if I’d had to think about it for much longer!

What concerns did you have?

Exams, starting something new and unknown, fear of failure everything! I wasn’t worried about the work as I’ve always been interested in science and I like to be busy but I do lots of volunteering as well as running a family and I was concerned about finding time to do assignments.

What made you decide to come to Nescot?

I actually came here when I was 16 to do Human Biology, Sociology and a maths retake before beginning nursing at 18. Coming back as an adult has been a completely different experience though. I would recommend this over going to a larger university. The smaller class sizes and more teaching hours mean you develop a proper relationship with staff and classmates. There is a real family atmosphere – you’re not just a number here.

Has this approach been a help or hindrance?

Honestly? There have been a few times when I’ve considered quitting but the staff here simply wouldn’t let me! They came up with a list as long as your arm as to why I should carry on and found solutions to any issues I had. It’s not just the tutors either. I’ve had help from staff in the LRC (library) and financial help from advice and guidance too. What gets me is that these busy, highly experienced tutors are always ready to sit down with you and give you that extra time. I’ve been able to contact tutors out of college hours and even during half term when they’ve been available to meet me.

How has your time at Nescot changed you?

It’s had an enormous impact. I’m calmer and better at handling situations. Things which devastated me four years ago are a breeze because I’m more confident as a person, having achieved educationally. I did well at school but that was a long time ago and I didn’t know I had it in me to get a degree. Also, as a mum with teenagers, it’s allowed me to interact with others on an adult level. I love not having to say I’m just a mum when people ask what I do! There’s also been a knock-on effect with friends and family. Me going out and getting a degree has notonly inspired my daughters but had a positive effect on their friends. My eldest is doing her GCSEs and knows that if I can do it, she can too. One boy, who was in danger of dropping out altogether, has gone back to education and is doing well. He said talking to me really helped. My youngest daughter suffers from juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and, although she has had to miss 25% of her schooling, she’s kept her grades high. I’m very proud of them and I hope they’re proud of me.

Any advice for those thinking of doing your course?

If you’re nervous, start with an access course as I did. It’s been a great preparation. Find times and places to study. I thought I could get work done at weekends but that’s impossible with family life. I make sure I go to the LRC to study during the week as I won’t concentrate fully at home. Choose a subject you’re interested in – that’s half the battle won there. Whether you’ve failed before or never had the chance to take your education further, there is help and assistance here to get you through. This has been a wonderful experience, stressful at times but mainly really good fun.

What are your plans for the future?

With the girls needing my input in their exam years I’m not going to rush in to anything but I feel my opportunities have drastically opened up. I paid my dues for years in the NHS so I’d like to work for a private company researching drugs and diseases. I’m very optimistic about our future.

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Students at Nescot are among the most satisfied in the country.


The National Student Survey found 95% of those questioned were satisfied with their course, compared to 85% nationally.

This means Higher Education students at Nescot are the most satisfied in Surrey, and compares to 92% at the University of Cambridge, 91% at the University of Oxford, and 90% at the University of Durham.

Courses validated by Kingston University


Courses validated by Kingston University

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