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The Counselling department at Nescot College has seen enormous growth in recent years as the benefits of self development and mental strength gain more currency in society.

Our staff

Our team at Nescot are dedicated to taking you through rigorous professional training with the view to producing skilled competent practitioners, equipped with the knowledge and empathy to make a real difference to your clients.

All of your tutors here are experienced, practising counsellors with various specialties and areas of excellence. We are also one of the only departments to offer specialised training in the latest psychodynamic counselling techniques.

We believe in supporting your learning by being available to answer queries, questions and difficulties promptly and you will have frequent, individual attention from your tutor, including before and after tutoring sessions when you are seeing clients, as well as email and telephone access.

During the second year there will be opportunities for training/clinical placements within approved voluntary agencies in the local area.
Teaching is structured around a whole day, and supervision group sizes are kept small (4 maximum).

You will also benefit from the support of our comprehensive tutorial system.

Counselling is an absorbing and engaging profession which has gained in popularity in recent years. Opportunities for skilled counsellors are numerous and varied and challenging.

Your training at Nescot is designed to equip you to meet those challenges and to become a highly skilled practitioner, fully conversant with the latest thinking in the field.

Nescot also run Part-time Counselling courses:

Counselling Concepts: Level 2 AQA Awards - Evening

Counselling Skills: Level 3 ABC Awards Certificate - Tuesday Evening

Counselling Skills: Level 3 ABC Awards Certificate - Part Time Day

Student Profile

Marie Hunt
BA (Hons) / Dip HE Psychodynamic Counselling
Student Photo

What made you decide to return to education?

Five years ago, I had spent eight years as a primary school teacher and felt my life lacked direction. I went to see a psychoanalyst to find some clarification and the treatment I received was so effective it quite literally blew my mind. I went from feeling confused and low to being absolutely euphoric and wanted to share this fantastic experience with as many people as possible.

Why did you decide to come to Nescot?

I spent one year at another college but became frustrated with the eclectic and bitty approach. We were learning some integrative and some humanistic techniques but never seemed to go into any depth. The course here, however, has a psychodynamic focus which gives me the chance to really stretch my skills.

What do you think about the college as a learning environment?

I’ve found there is a very good support network here. Everyone on the course has had some experience of counselling so you can tap in to a wealth of experience. The tutors are a great team and you really feel as though you are a part of a family, it’s a very nurturing approach. We work in small groups, which is great for one-on-one attention but also means there’s nowhere to hide! The work can be very intense but it’s also incredibly rewarding.

How do you think your time here has changed you?

I’m much more confident and I now know I’m in the right job. I enjoy going to work and experiencing the highs and lows of working with clients. I’ve learned so much about human development. It’s as though there have always been missing parts of the jigsaw and, doing this course, I see them falling into place.

What are your plans for the future?

I’m moving to Dorset and, after gaining extra experience through agency work, I’m going to set up a Holistic Therapy Centre with my partner and my cousin, who is also fully trained.

Any advice for those thinking of doing your course?

Just go for it, don’t think about your fears and talk yourself out of it, you won’t regret it. I’d also recommend setting aside time before starting to refresh and read up on the theories and approaches. New legislation may make a degree compulsory for BACP accreditation. If you have spent a few years away from counselling and are returning to complete your training, you’ll need to refresh your knowledge or you may struggle initially.

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