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Osteopathic Medicine

The Surrey Institute of Osteopathic Medicine (SIOM) at Nescot is the only accredited UK provider of osteopathic education within a further education college. We were the first college to offer fully funded osteopathic education and have almost ten years of experience in helping our learners to achieve their goals.

Osteopathy is an established, state regulated system of diagnosis and treatment which attends to the structural integrity of the body. It recognises that pain and disability is caused as much by poor function of body structure as damage from disease and trauma.

SIOM currently offers both a full time Bachelor of Osteopathic Medicine (B.Ost) and Integrated Masters (M.Ost).  In 2014 validation will transfer from University of Surrey to Kingston University.

Our staff

You will find our teaching team knowledgeable, very experienced, energetic, challenging, but fun to learn from. All of our tutors hold professional teaching qualifications and have a wealth of educational experience in getting the best out of our students.

We believe it is important to give you exposure to a wide range of approaches to osteopathy and this is reflected in our diverse teaching team who are graduates from the different osteopathic teaching institutions. We are proud of our roots in ‘Classical’ osteopathy and this approach continues to influence our curriculum. Providing this breadth as well as a depth of knowledge will give you an unparalleled understanding of the profession you are entering, as well as the skills and ethics essential for safe, competent practice. With the added support of Nescot’s services and facilities, you could not ask for a better start to your osteopathic career.

Our facilities

Third and fourth year students treat fee-paying patients in our fully equipped osteopathy clinic as part of their clinical training.
Students in the lower years are also permitted to observe within the clinics, as we understand your desire to be involved with the treatment of patients as soon as possible. The clinics are staffed by highly qualified and experienced tutors who will supervise you in assessing clients and treating patients. The clinics provide a full range of osteopathic treatments and you will encounter patients of all ages and lifestyles. You will also gain experience in patient management, taking case histories and diagnosis.

Your career

Once you qualify with us you will be able to register with the General Osteopathic Council and work as an independent practitioner, contractually within the NHS or even overseas.

Student Profile

Katie Griffiths
Most Osteopathic Medicine
Student Photo

What made you decide to come to Nescot to study Osteopathy?

I had a successful career in PR and communications, but after working in the field for 15 years I knew it was not what I wanted to do for the rest of my working life. Having never been to university, I always wanted to study for a degree, something with a tangible outcome. I had long had an interest in health so I took an access course in Life Sciences at UCL. While there I met people studying osteopathy and realised this was what I was looking for! With osteopathy, I’ve also got the best of both worlds: I’m recognised as primary health care practitioner but not limited to working for the NHS or private company. I can set up in private practice, work abroad and specialise in areas like Paediatrics or sport. I’d always thought of Nescot as an FE college but when I came to visit the osteopathy faculty I was impressed by the on-site clinic but worried that I’d be stuck with a bunch of 18-year-olds. I was delighted to find a real mix of ages and backgrounds in the student body.

How has the college lived up to your expectations?

Campus lifestyle is not important to me but Nescot is lovely with its green spaces, sports facilities and library. It’s everything you could want from an educational establishment.

And the Course?

At Nescot they recruit tutors from all of the different osteopathy schools so you learn a variety of techniques and approaches. Other schools tend to employ only tutors who studied with them. This is the only school to teach the classical techniques and there’s a high tutor/student ratio – important with a hands-on discipline. We are respected as a student body and have a real voice within the faculty. I’m enjoying life here - and I never get that sinking feeling when I wake up in the morning any more!

What are your plans for thefuture?

I’d like a clinic of my own, working with cool people each with different specialisms. I’d do a few days a week at the clinic and also take my skills out doing other things – a portfolio career which would let me work as much or as little as I want, while still offering new challenges. I’d like to specialise in paediatrics, but, as a lifelong Crystal Palace fan, if they need a team osteo, I’ll be there like a shot!

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Students at Nescot are among the most satisfied in the country.


The National Student Survey found 95% of those questioned were satisfied with their course, compared to 85% nationally.

This means Higher Education students at Nescot are the most satisfied in Surrey, and compares to 92% at the University of Cambridge, 91% at the University of Oxford, and 90% at the University of Durham.

Courses validated by Kingston University


Courses validated by Kingston University

QAA Nescot Institutional Review 2012

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