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Sports Therapy

Our Staff

Our team are practising sports therapists, working with such high level squads as the GB Lions, Britain’s national American football team, Surrey Cricket Club and a host of elite and club level athletes.

We have experience in all areas of the sports industry, from fitness and personal training to competing at international level track athletics, and we use this understanding to fully prepare our students for success in their chosen career.

Our Facilities

You will be using the latest technology and working practices. Our facilities include a dedicated, student-run, sports injury teaching clinic with couches, equipment and teaching and observation areas, where you will treat students and members of the public suffering sporting injuries.

We are also fortunate enough to be able to collaborate with our colleagues in the Osteopathy department, sharing our expertise and the latest diagnostic software.

Working with Other Departments and Organisations

We believe it is important to prepare you as fully as possible for professional practice so we constantly find ways to test your skills. You could find yourself working with elite and club athletes, dancers and performers and in private practice for treating everyone from the elderly to ante and post natal clients.

An additional option enables you to choose to study for the National Academy of Sports Medicine Personal Training Award in the course so you will be fully qualified to work as a personal trainer before you have even finished studying.

You could find yourself giving pre and post marathon massages to charity fundraisers, treating dancers and performers before and after shows and working pitch-side at big sporting events.

We keep you up-to-date with the latest thinking in the sector and use innovative methods to heighten your awareness of the subject, like taking students St George’s Hospital Medical School to study practical anatomy.

We also have a dedicated student-run Sports Injury Clinic, which is fully equipped with treatment couches and a teaching and observation area. Our passion for our industry is one part of our effectiveness as a department, but we believe that what really sets us apart is our student-centred approach.

We understand the demands of family and working life and different learning styles and we see your success as a collaboration between our efforts and yours.

We keep our class sizes small to give you maximum support from your tutors, who also have an open door policy during college hours and are available on email at any time. This approach works well at Nescot - borne out by the fact that an incredible 98% of our students go on to take their education even further and are working at the highest levels throughout the sporting world.

As the world of sports therapy gears up for its imminent acceptance by the Health Professionals Council as a recognised medical profession, the exacting yet supportive training available at Nescot will prepare you to take your place at the forefront of this exciting industry.

Student Profile

Aileen Ross
Sports Therapy
Student Photo

What made you decide to return to education?
I was working in HR, based in the City but also in New York and Singapore. I had always loved sport and was still very sporty but felt I had missed the route into a career in that area, as my original degree was European Studies. The only people who took sport qualifications at school were those who wanted to be PE Teachers, and I didn’t!
When I hit 30 I realised I had to do something about this and, whilst based in Singapore, I took an A-Level in Human Biology. Coming back to the UK, I decided to try for a career in Sports Therapy.

Why did you decide to come to Nescot?
Well, firstly the idea of a foundation degree over two years really appealed. This was a total career change for me and I felt happier committing to two years initially, rather than going for a full three-year degree. I am now in my final year at university and will graduate in the summer.
The fact that tuition fees were half that of the university equivalent is clearly a big advantage and Nescot is also very convenient for me, uni is a much longer commute.

Has the experience matched your expectations?
The tutors were so good about feedback and really tried to act on points raised to improve our experience.
There are 30 undergrads in my class at uni now, at Nescot we had 8 so you can develop a good relationship with tutors and, obviously, get a lot more one-on-one time.
Returning to education can be a huge transition as an adult, whether you’re changing career like me or looking to complete your education. The set up at Nescot absolutely offers more support with that. The tutors have an open-door policy and were always there to help with coursework and assignments. They are even happy to be contacted out of hours if you need them.
The other thing I’ve found is that Nescot really did prep us to get out in the real world. The tutors are all working professionals so they not only taught us the theoretical side but made sure we had a solid grasp of professional realities. We were given lots of techniques for dealing with people and really had the opportunity to hone our clinical skills at the weekly sports injuries clinic. We were encouraged to market ourselves and the training was very client focussed. As someone who is self employed, I did appreciate this element.

How has your time here changed you?
Not sure that it’s changed me as such but my life has changed. I am now very confident that I was right to make this career change. I no longer commute up to London on the train or have that nine-to-five existence. My career is a lot more flexible and I feel a real sense of ownership over my working life. I work for myself and enjoy the autonomy and the control over my career and life that this brings.

What advice would you give to someone considering taking your course?
Although you get a lot of support at Nescot and this is a foundation degree, don’t let that fool you into thinking this is a soft option. Go in with your eyes open: you’ll need to put in the effort if you want to reap the rewards.
On the other hand, don’t put too much pressure on yourself, there is a lot of help available at Nescot and I would urge you to take it. The library is better quality than our library here at university in terms of books and resources and the staff really know their stuff.

What are your plans for the future?
I’m due to graduate in July this year and will continue to build my career with sports clubs, as the team’s therapist. I am also, of course, self employed and treat people from home as well as working in a Sports Injuries Clinic.


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Student Profile

Michael Howell
Sports Therapy
Student Photo

Why did you decide to return to education?
Well, we came back to England when our baby was due three years ago and I continued with my old job as a personal trainer. I really wanted something with more professional standing and better prospects. Personal Training struck me as a younger person’s job and I wanted something which could command a bit more respect.

What made you choose Nescot?
A friend at work, who had the type of job I was interested in, had studied there and I was struck by how positive she was and how much she loved the job she’d got coming out of the college.
I’d always wanted to do something like physio when I was at school but didn’t have the grades. As an adult, these courses give you what you need to get on.

Has the Nescot experience lived up to your expectations?
Oh way above! Initially I was worried about the level of knowledge we’d get at Nescot, being a college instead of a uni but, as a third year uni student now, I can definitely say we’ve come out on top in that department. We seem to know a lot more than the students who’ve done the whole three years here.
The tutors at Nescot really make the difference. Because it’s a smaller environment, you really get to know them and you can get hold of them any time you need to if you have any problems. I’m dyslexic but the tutors knew exactly how to deal with that so it was never an issue for me. I also had a heart attack, completely out of the blue, a few months after joining the course and the staff were fantastic.
College was a place I would really look forward to coming in to because of the tutors. You can just walk into the office with any problem and they will literally drop everything to help you.

How has your time here changed you?
It’s my confidence I guess, the confidence you get from the knowledge you’ve been given; through people respecting what you do. In talking to medical professionals in the course of work. It’s made a big difference.

Any advice for those thinking of joining your course?
Don’t let worries hold you back. You will come out of this course knowing everything you need to to get on at university and in your career.
Don’t feel you’re too old: at 40 you’ve still got at least 25 years of working life left and there’s nothing like being happy in your job.
Don’t let financial issues put you off: If you can make things work with a bit less for just three years you will come out of this looking at a good salary, then, happy days.
There’s nothing worse than waking up in the morning, not wanting to go in because you hate your job. Even if you have things like dyslexia or other worries that are holding you back, if you follow your interest and work hard at it, it’s worth it.

What are your plans for the future?
I’m currently doing the third year of my degree and, alongside my old job, I am doing a pitchside clinic treating injuries for a rugby club and doing rehab work for an osteopathy clinic.
Once I am fully qualified, I’m looking forward to working as a sports therapist with my current firm.

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Students at Nescot are among the most satisfied in the country.


The National Student Survey found 95% of those questioned were satisfied with their course, compared to 85% nationally.

This means Higher Education students at Nescot are the most satisfied in Surrey, and compares to 92% at the University of Cambridge, 91% at the University of Oxford, and 90% at the University of Durham.

Courses validated by Kingston University


Courses validated by Kingston University

QAA Nescot Institutional Review 2012

Male Football Academy Squad finished in the top half of the Elite British Colleges League in our 2nd season of this competition, comprising of college teams associated with Premier League football clubs

Lecturers use state-of-the-art diagnostic software as used by osteopaths.

Students are assessed in sports coaching, fitness instructing and sports therapy with all age groups and abilities in your community. We work with disabled groups, schools and the elderly as well as athletes to give you a full view of opportunities in sport and gain valuable experience to aid employment opportunities.

Additional qualifications to become a qualified sports coach, fitness instructor and first aider are taken as part of these courses.

Free use of our Sports Injury Clinic to help you quickly and safely recover from any sporting injury.

Unlike other colleges, we have the facilities to teach sports coaching, fitness instructing, sports injury therapy or personal training all within one department.

Extensive outdoor facilities, we also have a fully equipped Gym, Sports Hall and Sports Therapy Room.

Full enrichment programme including the opportunity to play on male and female football squads, a basketball team and a rugby team amongst a host of other sports and activities.

We work with your training and competition schedules so you do not have to sacrifice your education for a promising sporting career. We can even tailor your learning to enhance your sporting performance, ensuring you still gain vital qualifications.

Elite and high level athletes – we actively encourage all our students to get involved in sport as athletes and coaches and we provide the back up to ensure you fulfil your potential.

Course lecturers have competed in European Championship Athletics competitions, and are sports therapists for GB Lions American Football team and for Grenadian International Football team - this year working with the team in the CONCAF Gold Cup in the USA. A member of staff was Taekwondo double silver medallist at the World Championships in 2009 and is a 1st degree black belt for International Taekwondo Federation and another coaches elite performers in sports psychology.

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