Surrey NHS and Nescot celebrate literacy success

Oct 30, 2009

Surrey NHS and Nescot celebrate literacy success

Health and social care workers at Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS are celebrating the success of employees who have completed a 15-hour Workplace Literacy Course as part of a project promoted through Nescot College.

Students, John Soriano, Gill Parkin and Goindamah Chokupermal, received certificates and £30 High Street gift vouchers for attending and completing the course and will now have the opportunity to progress to other courses and gain further qualifications in their workplace. Nescot Tutor Doug Hoad, who delivered the course at the Trust was delighted by their success but also explained how the new skills will improve their confidence and reduce their stress levels at work.

‘These learners work as carers with people with learning difficulties. At their request, I worked intensively with them on improving their report writing. Whenever one of them writes a report on a client, or an incident that has happened, it becomes a legal document and will be produced in court as evidence if necessary. They write these reports every day. ‘The ability to write clear, concise, unambiguous English, and to write about people without being judgemental, will hopefully make a big difference to their working lives,’ he said

The scheme, which enables Nescot tutors to go into the workplace and deliver Literacy, Numeracy or English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), is designed to make it as easy as possible for employees to develop the skills and adaptability needed in a modern workforce. By delivering the training in the familiar and convenient location of the existing workplace, and by making the learning enjoyable, flexible and directly relevant to working life, tutors are able to engage more directly with staff in their professional environment.

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