Art Show Experience

Dec 15, 2010

Art Show Experience

As part of Epsom Mental Health Week, Nescot’s Art & Design students past and present exhibited their art work at Yoyo’s Gallery in Epsom. The exhibition, called Experiences of Being, was run by Lintons Youth Arts Centre.

In order to create the work on display at the exhibition, students were encouraged to explore the transition to adulthood, the stage of life which many of these young artists are at, which is highly influential in the formation of our psychological make - up. A period in which our fears, hopes, dreams and anxieties are heightened.

This was done through the evaluation of the work of others as well as the development of self-initiated artistic exploration as part of both their creative and wider personal development. The work on show here is the subsequent result of these young artists' questioning of the human condition and an increasing reflection on their own experiences of being.

The show, which ran from the 10th -16th Oct, was a great success, attracting members of the public and Nescot students alike to the exhibition.

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