Bollywood comes to College

May 25, 2011

Bollywood comes to College

Nescot rang to a Bhangra beat during March as Bollywood dancing took the college by storm.

Students from all subjects signed up to learn the expressive dance moves, inspired by Indian cinema, which have gained popularity in the West as a fun, expressive way to keep fit.

The sessions were taught by experienced tutor Charli, who has seen her dance and Yoga training business expand dramatically since offering Bollywood Dance.

‘It’s a wonderful way to get fit and because it’s such a happy genre of dancing it’s a real antidote to the cares and stresses of modern life,’ she says.

‘You learn easy movements which have a real impact, so the end of an hour’s lesson can see you doing a full group routine. Students can accomplish something in a very short space of time with Bollywood Dance,’ she added.

Business tutor Denise Portman, who brought her students down for a session with Charli was surprised by how much she managed to get the group to do.

‘I didn’t think she’d be able to get everyone doing a routine the way we did. It was very good fun and I thought the group did well considering how few of us had any dance experience,’ she said.

Bollywood dancing, which was running as part of Nescot’s programme of enrichment activities is a combination of classical Indian dance and folk dancing such as Bhangra with Latino, Arabic or western influences. It is a very expressive style with the graceful movements of the body used as part of the narrative in Indian film.

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