Induction day at Nescot

Sep 09, 2011

Induction day at Nescot

The first day of September saw Nescot come to life once again, as hundreds of new students arrived for their first official day of college. The college’s induction processes swung into action as students buzzing with nerves and excitement discovered who their tutors and classmates were, what would be expected of them, and where to find everything they needed on campus.

For Animal Care student Ross and Christopher, the first day induction had been very useful but they were both looking forward to getting stuck in to the course.

‘I’ve been amazed by the amount of students here to be honest,’ said Ross, who went to Holyfield School.

‘I didn’t expect there to be quite so many people but I’ve enjoyed my first day. I’m looking forward to working on the farm though and especially with the reptiles,’ he said.

Christopher, who was home tutored before coming to college, had enjoyed the chance to get to know his classmates but was looking forward to working directly with the animals,

‘I’m hoping to progress to level 3 here and go on to university before working in conservation but right now I’m looking forward to working with the chickens and poultry we’ve got on the farm here, I had chickens as a child and they’re so cute!’

Photography students David, Rachel, Siobhan, Gina and Charley, out on their first assignments, all appreciated the difference in approach at college.

Siobhan, who went to St Philomenas, explained that being given more freedom had already made her feel more responsible.

‘I like the way you are expected to get on with things yourself here and take responsibility for your own learning. I think it makes you more motivated and I’m looking forward to developing my skills,’ she said.

Rachel had been surprised by how friendly and approachable the staff and tutors were while Charley appreciated the independence she was given at Nescot.

All were looking forward to getting their teeth into the course and improving their photography skills and David was pleased that the college was so friendly as he was looking forward to meeting new people.

For Lewis, who went to Greenshaw and is studying Public Services at Nescot the induction day had helped him feel a part of the college.

‘ I’ve really enjoyed it, it’s been a good day. I’d like to join the police or the Royal Marines and I found out the Marines are coming for a visit later this year. The college is really well organised with everything you need here. I like the more grown up approach and being able to wear my own clothes and I’m looking forward to meeting more people and getting going with my course,’ he said.

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