Terrible Infants gets Wonderful Reviews for UpStage Right

Jun 18, 2012

Terrible Infants gets Wonderful Reviews for UpStage Right

UpStage Right, Nescot College Performing Arts Company, had good reason for suffering from stage fright last month when their performance of The Terrible Infants was attended by the play’s original writer and director, Oliver Lansley.

Lansley, who has won international acclaim with the collection of dark morality tales, billed as Tim Burton meets Roald Dahl, heard about the student group’s plans for his play and was keen to see the results for himself.

‘Having performed the piece over 160 times myself, it was strange but wonderful to see the different interpretation UpStage Right had of my work including the use of dance and the interplay between the two narrators. I was really impressed by their creativity and skill,’ he said.

Upstage Right’s interpretation was the first ever amateur use of the text and received standing ovations from a packed house during both their evening performances. The group brought together musical, vocal, dance, physical theatre, puppetry, acrobatic and acting skills, honed over the previous two years at Nescot College, to achieve what is widely agreed to be their most accomplished performance to date.

Olly Retter, who took the unusually physical role of the narrator was delighted with the play from the moment he first saw the script. ‘I loved the dark and macabre elements and could see how mind blowing this would be on stage,’ he said.

‘When we found out that Oliver Lansley was coming to watch our performance it did make us pretty nervous but we were determined not to let ourselves and the college down. Everyone was making sure they were at the top of their game that night and I think it really showed,’ he added.

The Terrible Infants is a series of cautionary tales told through innovative physical theatre, music, puppetry and dance. The stories combine the macabre with the blackly comic and warn of the dangers of lying, greed, being overly concerned with outward appearance and other pitfalls of modern life.

UpStage Right has garnered an impressive reputation for entertaining, thought provoking and professionally executed performances since its creation in 2010. With recent successes including the hard hitting Impact of Collision, looking at the devastating effect of unsafe driving, and musical extravaganza, The Show Must Go On, commemorating performers lost to HIV/Aids in collaboration with the Terrence Higgins Trust for World Aids Day, audiences across Britain have been thrilled entertained and moved by their creative skills.

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