Nescot ABC Industry Forum Meets to Plan New SAP/AAT Degree Provision

Nov 13, 2012

Nescot ABC Industry Forum Meets to Plan New SAP/AAT Degree Provision

Nescot has identified that industry employers are finding it difficult to recruit staff who have  an analytical perspective from which they can effectively examine key business decisions related to financial markets and institutions then advise clients accordingly. The new degree aims  to develop technical, procedural, and social competencies and to enable young professionals and junior managers to obtain internationally recognised SAP and AAT certifications.

Georgia Wass and Jon Tyler from E-Resourcing said “We believe we need to define a Course that encompasses both highly sought after skills and on- the- job work experience “

Nescot currently offers a wide range of AAT programmes and Clare Cooper from AAT thought that this was a “...unique opportunity to blend two disciplines.. and would add value and further progression opportunities for students who currently study AAT in isolation.”

Head of Department, Sage Lal, is pleased to be able to bring industry and the college together. Speaking after the event he said:: “ I am thrilled to  bring together a unique programme with the potential to meet the needs of industry for tomorrow whilst immersing students in exciting programs of study today by providing opportunities for work based learning and studying AAT and SA.   There is a danger that if educational institutions in the UK do not shift their thinking and develop new programs in close relationship with industry, we will be producing students with no real USP whilst failing to meet the needs of a globally changing economy!”

Martin Gollogy – Director, SAP University Alliance UK, Ireland and Benelux said “I very much enjoyed my time at NESCOT. It was refreshing to see such an open and discursive environment where people representing such various and diverse backgrounds could all bring their views to the table at an equal footing. I am sure that NESCOT will be able to draw on all of the feedback and establish a creative but also a highly real-world-applicable course that will be of formidable interest to students.”

If you would like more information about the new course which will begin in September please contact Sarah Khan via

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