Entry Level Six Book Challenge

Dec 07, 2012

Entry Level Six Book Challenge

Nescot Entry level students have taken inspiration from the Charles Dickens novel  ‘A Christmas Carol’ and made an art installation to illustrate some of the key scenes of the story.  The students are taking part in the ‘The 6 Book Challenge’ ,  a national campaign to inspire confidence in reading.   The installation is currently on display in the LRC (Learning Resources Centre) and represents the scene in the story where Scrooge is confronted by Marley’s ghost.  Students also produced illustrations of the main characters from the story.

Tutor Sam Peacock said that “The groups have enjoyed reading from the original book and discussing what life would have been like during Dickensian times.  The students are improving their reading skills by participating in the Six Book Challenge and the Reading club and are being supported in both by peer readers.”

The LRC staff approached staff and students from the Business and Health and Social Care departments to become peer readers.  Each of the peer readers is partnered with an Entry Level student and volunteered their own time to help read with their partners during their lunch breaks.   Staff say that the Entry level students have really enjoyed taking part in the project, which reinforces the importance of reading and encourages learners from different groups to work together.  For some of the Entry Level students this is the second year they have taken part in the project. One student told staff ‘My Mum can’t believe I’m reading the newspaper’.  He has now started reading Harry Potter with his mother at home.

To find out more about the ‘Six Book Challenge’ go to: 6 Book Challenge

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