British Army team visits Uniformed Public Services students at Nescot

Mar 20, 2014

British Army team visits Uniformed Public Services students at Nescot

Members of the British Army visited Nescot today to speak to Level 3 students about career opportunities.

Year one and two students were split into two groups, spending half the morning finding out more about the army and giving a presentation, and the other half working on a range of activities in the multi-use games area.

The five activities included building a bridge using two short planks to get a team from one area to another, and working as a group to get a blindfolded student across a ‘minefield’.

The activities were designed to promote team work, communication, problem solving and perseverance, as well as improving physical fitness.

You can see more pictures from the day on Nescot's Facebook page here.

Cpl Damian Folks of the Wiltshire-based Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, who was leading the activities, said: “The Army is all about working as a team and using everyone’s different strengths to benefit the group, so this is a great way of teaching that.”

Cpl George McGinney of the British Army’s recruitment team spoke to the students about what life in the Army is like, and the students then had to give their own five-minute presentations in groups about what they’d learnt.

“The students might not like public speaking, and in the Army you might never have to, but the task is all about giving things ago,” he said.

“In the Army you never know what you’ll be doing from one day to the next, so you develop all kinds of skills – and if you don’t even give something a try you let your whole team down.”

Darren Piper, who leads the Uniformed Public Services course, thanked the team for visiting Nescot.

“It’s been a great morning and I think it’s really opened the students’ eyes to what life in the Armed Forces would be like for them.

“We aim to give our students as much information as possible so they can be fully informed and make the career choices that are right for them.”

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