Uniformed Public Services students visit Poland

Mar 24, 2014

Uniformed Public Services students visit Poland

Uniformed Public Services students visited Poland last week (March 18 to 21) as part of their Research module and Planning and Implementation units.

Seven Higher National Diploma students travelled to Krakow with Higher Education course leader Vykke Gill from Tuesday to Friday.

The group planned the expedition around the work they will do in the UK, with projects including a study on concentration camps as a tourist attraction and a comparison of public attitudes towards the police.

The students visited the Auschwitz concentration camp and Schindler’s Factory museum, and interviewed people about their perception of the police.

Sebastian Poole-Smith, Stephen Lovell and Dom Lopeman said the experience of Auschwitz was the highlight of the trip.

"Visiting it and actually seeing it was amazing – it’s something we won’t forget," added Dom, who is working on a comparison between Britain and mainland Europe of attitudes towards the police.

"However much you read and research beforehand, being there and seeing it makes you think about it in a different way."

Kellie Pizzoferro said she’d enjoyed travelling around the city. She added: "I liked doing all the research and organisation beforehand, I think it was really useful.

"We get assessed on our written project now, so we’re working hard on that."

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