Full-time courses - Nescot to start lessons at 10am from September

Oct 28, 2014

Full-time courses - Nescot to start lessons at 10am from September

Nescot is changing its daily timetable for full-time courses in September in a forward-thinking move aimed at continuing to improve the college for students and staff.

Lessons will start at 10am, leaving students able to attend catch-up, high-grades and employability workshops as well as benefitting from cheaper travel, while staff will benefit from increased staff development and teaching and learning support.

"The change will set us apart from other colleges, but we think this is going to be a really positive adjustment for students and staff," said Principal Sunaina Mann OBE.

"We know that our students will benefit directly from the extra workshops and other activities we’ll be able to put on, and they’ll also benefit from the increased development for teaching and support staff."

Hour-long lessons will start at 10am, an hour later, with two sessions before lunch, a 45-minute lunch break, two afternoon lessons followed by a 15-minute break, and a further two sessions before the day ends at 5pm.

Wednesday afternoons will still be free for interviews and staff meetings, and not all students will have lessons scheduled all day from Monday to Friday.

Students' arriving and leaving times will continue to be staggered, so no impact on traffic is anticipated.

Research has shown teenagers experience changes to their circadian rhythms, shifting their ‘sleep-wake’ clock later and causing them to feel less alert first thing in the morning.

Sleep deprivation is also known to affect people in a number of ways, ranging from reduced powers of concentration, retaining information and solving problems to a diminished ability to cope with stress.

The Principal and Senior Management Team discussed the plans with staff via the consultative Core Brief system, and when Mrs Mann proposed the idea to student representatives at the regular Student Voice meeting the vote in support was unanimous.

These changes only apply to full-time students, start times for part-time students will continue as published in each individual course listing.

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