Music Technology students mark the end of term with festival

Oct 28, 2014

Music Technology students mark the end of term with festival

Music Technology students have organised and performed at a free electronic music festival to mark the end of term.

About 15 second-year Level 3 students worked on the event, called Nstvl and held outside the refectory from 12-6pm on Wednesday.

The students performed DJ and MC sets, with genres ranging from house and dubstep to reggae and funk, decorated the area with inflatable palm trees and offered soft drinks to listeners.

"It’s been going really well, there’s a good mix of musical styles and the students are all supporting each other and cheering each other on," said Music Technology tutor Neil Keating.

"They’ve been working really hard to pull everything together, and I think it’s been a good experience for them to have an event as a deadline rather than an assignment."

Louis Duke was assigned the roles of joint project manager and co-host after class meeting, and said he’d enjoyed the unit.

"Organising everything has been really hard work, but it’s made me think about going into events as a career," said Louis, who is studying an HND at Nescot next year.

"On this unit we’ve been able to pull together things we’ve learnt on other units this year, as well as skills like good communication and organisation."

Jack Collins opened the show with a 15-minute MC set – his first ever public performance – and spent the afternoon co-hosting the event with Louis.

"I was pretty nervous before I went on but by the end of the set I was having a great time and people were clapping along," said Jack, who is staying at Nescot next year to do an HND.

"The tutors helped me prepare for the performance and gave me advice on my nerves, as well as how to handle my role of getting the other acts ready for their sets."

Last week Music Practice students organised an event in Starbucks, with acts playing RnB, acoustic and rock,

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