Metropolitan Police dog unit team visits Nescot for careers talk and demonstrations

Jan 29, 2015

Metropolitan Police dog unit team visits Nescot for careers talk and demonstrations

Officers from a Metropolitan Police dog unit visited Nescot on Tuesday (January 27) to speak to Uniformed Public Services students about their career options.

Sgt Rob Suggitt, joined by three police constables, spoke to the Level 3 group in the Adrian Mann Theatre about the recruitment process, and what the team’s day-to-day life is like.

The team also explained the different types of dogs that police use and the roles they perform in different situations, as well as how they are trained and cared for.

The officers then took their two German Shepherds to the sports fields to give demonstrations, including how the dogs are deployed straight from the van in an emergency and how they find a missing person or suspect.

“I think we have the best job in the police, and I really enjoy coming out to speak to people about what we do and how the dogs help us,” said Sgt Suggitt, who has worked with his dog Boysie for three years.

“The students were very engaged and asked a lot of intelligent questions about the dogs, and many of them seemed really interested in joining the unit.”

Over the past 12 months Uniformed Public Services students have welcomed staff from organisations including London Ambulance Service, London Fire Brigade and the British Army.

As well as running courses at Level 1 and 2 and the two-year Level 3 Extended Diploma, Nescot also offers the Certificate in Knowledge of Policing part-time, a mandatory pre-entry course for people who want to apply to the police.

“We’re really grateful to the Dog Support Unit team for giving up their time to come to Nescot, and we know the students learnt a lot,” said section leader Neil Fairbrother.

“We work hard to organise as many professionals as possible to visit, because we know it really helps the students to be able to ask them first-hand about their role in order to plan their own career.”

First-year student Hannah Cullen has been a police cadet for three-and-a-half years and aims to become a dog handler in the future.

“The dogs were amazing - when you see them in action you realise how well trained they are and how much they help with policing,” she said.

Sami Al-Najjar, also a first-year student, joined the police cadets three years ago and is hoping to become a police investigator in the future.

He said: “It was really helpful to have the dog unit in, because even if that isn’t something you want to specialise in it’s still useful to see how they work with other units and other emergency services.”

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