Nescot students are given free lessons on finance and budgeting

May 19, 2015

Nescot students are given free lessons on finance and budgeting

Nescot students have received free workshops on money and budgeting as part of a partnership between the college, the Citizens Advice Bureau and National Counties Building Society (NCBS).

The NCBS donated £4,500 to Epsom and Ewell Citizens Advice Bureau to provide for a set of Financial Capability courses, which have been delivered to students studying subjects including Business.

The workshops covered areas including debt and credit, interest rates, pensions and credit unions with quizzes and ‘Who Wants to be a Squillionaire’.

Level 2 Animal Studies student Jason Wallace went to a session on May 7, and said it had increased his understanding and self-confidence.

“It opened my mind to budgeting, and thinking about how I plan,” he added. “It made me realise how important it is, but also that is isn’t as complicated as you think.”

Vicky Browne, Director of Tutoring and Welfare at Nescot, said she was grateful to the Citizens Advice Bureau and the NCBS for the Financial Capability courses.

“It’s hugely important to us that we help our students gain the knowledge and confidence to look after their money,” she added.

“Teaching responsible financial planning now will help them establish good habits that will benefit them and their families for the rest of their lives.”

Liz Dobson, Bureau Manager at Epsom and Ewell Citizens Advice, said helping young people learn how to manage money was a key priority.

She added: “Sadly, starting their working lives in debt has become almost a normal way of living for many young adults, and without raising their awareness of money management we believe many will struggle to manage their finances.”

Mark Bogard, Chief Executive Officer at NCBS said: “Together, we aim to prepare these young adults with the basic money management skills they will need at the next stage of their lives, as they move on from their studies.”

Picture courtesy of NCBS

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