Create an Image competition sees Hair and Beauty students excel

May 29, 2015

Create an Image competition sees Hair and Beauty students excel

Hair and Beauty students have excelled in their annual ‘Create an Image’ competitions, with themes including zombies, Amy Winehouse and fairytales written by the Grimm brothers.

Level 2 students each chose a theme and then created a mood board planning their image, culminating in catwalk shows where judges awarded prizes for the most impressive images.

Beauty students chose themes fitting into the categories of historic, fantasy or special occasion, and had their show on May 18 in the college’s Adrian Mann Theatre.

Their judges were Rebecca Stewart, a former Nescot student who owns Beauty Be Mine salon in Worcester Park, Lexi Green, who won a prize in the competition last year, and tutor Aimee Ventham.

Keeley Ridgwell came first, Farmina Rahman second and Amy Douglas third, and they won a manicure set, foot spa and facial set respectively.

Keeley’s theme was based around the zombies in television series Walking Dead, and she used special effects makeup including wax and liquid latex on her 16-year-old sister Tara.

“I’ve never worked under pressure like that before, so it was good to see how it affects you and whether you could do that in your career,” said Keeley, who is doing Nescot’s Level 3 course next year.

“The experience of designing and creating a look made me surer I want to go into special effects makeup in the future, and the experience of working under pressure like that made me think I would enjoy working on films or TV shows.”

The Hairdressing show was held in the Visual and Performing Arts theatre on April 23, with Performing Arts students volunteering as models and themes taken from the Grimm brothers’ fairy tales.

The judges were former student Vicky Stewart-Francis, a professional hair stylist who now works at Sean Hanna, Steve McManus of salon chain Headmasters, and Performing Arts tutor Jamie Roberts.

Jessica Lucey came first and won a two-week course at Headmasters, while Annah Blair and Rebecca Spiking came second third respectively, winning items from L’Oreal and Salon Services.

As well sponsoring the first prize and judging the competition, Headmasters donated products for every student who took part.

“It was definitely my favourite unit of the year – I loved starting with nothing and working up to a full look,” said Jessica, who chose the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland as her theme.

“My model changed right at the last minute, so I had to rethink all my plans. That was good experience, because it’s the kind of the thing that could happen when you’re working in the industry.”

Kathryn Stephen, who is Head of Head of Hair and Beauty as well as Art & Design, Photography and Performing Arts, said: “I am consistently impressed with the quality of the students’ work, and this year was no different.

“I’m also glad to be getting more collaboration between students in different departments, because this mirrors the experience they’ll have in their careers.”


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