Media students spend day at Sky's London headquarters

Oct 08, 2015

Media students spend day at Sky's London headquarters

Creative Media students visited the Sky Academy on Tuesday (October 2) to find out more about working in the media industry.

The group spoke to Stuart Murphy, Director of Sky’s entertainment channels, had a tour of the facilities, and also heard from boxing promoter and media personality Spencer Fearon.

They had a look around the live studios, including the news and sport studios, and got the chance to use some of the cameras that the professionals use.

The visit also focussed on employability skills, with students encouraged to think about the kind of qualities and experience Sky looks for in employees.

“It was a really good opportunity to see how it all works, and how the live programmes actually come together,” said HND student Ben Wakeley.

“Before the trip I wanted to work in the film industry, but the visit made me realise how many opportunities there are in the television industry too, so it’s opened my eyes.”

Fellow HND student Rachel Langford said the students had also received helpful career advice from people they met on the visit.

“It was really interesting to speak to Stuart Murphy and hear how he got to where he is,” she added. “He started out as a runner making tea and coffee for people, and he’s come a really long way.

“It made me see that you can get to the top if you’re prepared to work really hard. I feel like it’s given me a lot of ideas of what to do once I finish at Nescot.”

Graham Chalk, Deputy Head of Media, said: “It was a really interesting visit, and we’re grateful to the staff at Sky for taking time out to speak to our students.”

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