Nescot students visit Epsom fire station

Jan 22, 2016

Nescot students visit Epsom fire station

Uniformed Public Services students visited Epsom fire station on Thursday (January 21) to find out more about the profession.

About 25 second-year students on the Level 3 course chatted to staff at the Church Street station about what being a firefighter is like, tried on parts of the uniform and even got to test equipment.

Ben Martin said he had decided to study Uniformed Public Services to help him become a police officer, but since starting the course at Nescot he’d also become interested in a career as a firefighter.

“It’s an amazing career, because you get to spend so much time helping people,” said Ben, 17, who works as a lifeguard and is a former police cadet.

“The work you do in the uniformed public services field is really diverse – as a firefighter, you could also be attending road traffic collisions, for example, but you also do a lot of fire prevention work.

“The services also work really closely together at the scenes of emergencies, so the more you understand what one service does the better you understand the others, too.”

During the visit, the firefighters also showed the students how they free someone trapped in a vehicle after a car crash by cutting off the roof, and talked to the students about the recruitment process.

“The firefighters were amazing – they stayed extra time with us and at the end they got a shout, so we got to see how quickly they get ready and go to an emergency,” Ben added.

“The visit was a really good experience, and it’s definitely made me think more about my career plans.”

Neil Fairbrother, section leader for Uniformed Public Services, also praised the staff at Epsom fire station for the help they gave the students.

“They’re a very busy station, but they still took a lot of time out to help the next generation of firefighters,” he said.

“At Nescot we work really hard to organise visits to and talks from as many career paths as we can, from the fire service to visits from the police, ambulance service and British Army.

“We do that because we know how much it helps the students to understand what working in those fields is like, so that they can make informed choices about the best career for them in the future.”

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