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Student Profile

George - Level 2 Plumbing

Oct 15, 2015

George - Level 2 Plumbing

I did a bit of construction at school and I really enjoyed learning about plumbing, so I decided to do it at college. I chose Nescot because it’s got a really good reputation for all the trades. The facilities are really impressive - for example, you work on real bathrooms, like you’d be doing on the job. We’ve just been learning about putting in bathrooms, including airing cupboards. I like that you can look back at the things you couldn’t do at the start of the course, it’s good to see how much progress you’ve made.

 The theory is hard at times, but it’s a really practical course. I wanted to do something hands-on, rather than sitting in a classroom reading from a book. I learn better that way. The teachers are really good, really friendly but they know what they’re talking about. It’s really different from school, because they treat you like an adult and give you the responsibility for your own work and your own choices. The tutors have been talking to us about our future careers, and I think I want to do an apprenticeship in the future.