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Jamie - Level 3 Year 2 Art and Design

Oct 15, 2015

Jamie - Level 3 Year 2 Art and Design

I wanted to do a BTEC because I know Art is my passion, and I liked that I could concentrate on it fully rather than having to mix it with other subjects. The BTEC is also really practical, and there’s a lot of emphasis on what you’ll do after the course. At the end of each year we hold an open exhibition, which we work towards and set up, and then we’re encouraged to talk to visitors about our work, so that’s good experience.

 My favourite medium is pencil, but the tutors encourage you to try working in different ways - looking at different subjects in different ways, or maybe using different media.The project I’m working on at the moment is based around photos I took of frogspawn, another I used bleach and ink and for one project I used olive oil and charcoal, which I wouldn’t have experimented with on my own. It’s good to be able to explore new ideas and new methods of creating art. My drawing has changed so much since I came here. I’ve got a place at Central Saint Martin’s next year, which I’m really proud of. It’s a foundation year, and then hopefully I’ll do well enough to stay.