Student Profile

Jasmine - Level 3 Year 2 Games Design

Oct 15, 2015

Jasmine - Level 3 Year 2 Games Design

I knew that I didn’t want to study A-Levels at a sixth form; I wanted to do something more creative and more hands-on. Games Design is the perfect mix for me between being artistic and creative but also quite computer-based. I love the course, and once I finish I want to go to Teeside University to do a degree in Concept Art. Some of the staff came to our Higher Education fair at Nescot, so it’s really good to have something to work towards. 

The best part of the course so far was where we had to create a text-based game from scratch. We had to go through pre-production, production and evaluation. I loved it, because that’s exactly the kind of thing you’d be doing in a job. There was another unit where we had to research a game that hadn’t been released yet. Both units were a lot of work, but when you enjoy what you’re doing it’s easy to work hard. We also went to New York in May with the Media Production students, which was an amazing experience and we learnt so much. I’m also planning to use the photos I took as textural inspiration for designs.

The reason the teaching here is so good is that you feel really confident. The teachers know their industry really well, you can see they’re really passionate about it, and they’re really good at explaining things that can be quite complicated sometimes. It’s really different from school, but in a good way. We’re encouraged to work independently, but I feel confident to ask for help if I’m struggling with anything.

In my opinion people who should do this course are people who are really into computer gaming and want to work in that kind of industry. You don’t necessarily need to be amazing at drawing, 2D or 3D modelling or programming, because the teachers are really good at teaching all that from scratch, and you learn as you go along. I think it helps if you have a basic awareness of computers. You won’t have to do tests all the time, like you did at school, and as long as you work hard and get the work in on time then you’ll be fine.