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New! Employer Advantage Skills Exchange Programme

Supporting the future of skills development

Our Employer Advantage Skills Exchange is a mutual exchange of ideas and knowledge sharing. Working alongside local businesses and partners, we can align our curriculum offerings to industry needs to support the future of skills development for our students and your employees.

Some of the services we provide through this programme include:

  • Access to free CPD (Continuous Professional Development) and training for your workforce to address any skills gaps.
  • Bespoke training solutions, expertly tailored to your organisation.
  • Part-time vocational or educational courses certificated by the college, or full online / distance learning qualifications with nationally recognised qualifications.
  • Access to state-of-the-art facilities such as, Virtual Reality immersive classrooms and The Sussex and Surrey Institute of Technology (IoT) suite.
  • Access to Apprenticeships, combining on-the-job training with classroom instruction, allowing people to earn while they learn.

Collaboration with a purpose

Serving as a bridge between secondary education and higher education or employment, Nescot offers diverse programs to meet various educational and career needs. These include:

  • Enhancing Employability: Equipping students with the skills and qualifications needed to enter the workforce.
  • Supporting Economic Development: Contributing to the local economy by providing a skilled workforce and supporting local businesses.
  • Promoting Social Mobility: Offering accessible education and training opportunities to a diverse population, including those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

We can deliver cost-effective/ bespoke training solutions, or give access to vocational and technical education courses to create a pool of talented and skilled workers that ultimately contribute to a more robust and dynamic local economy.

Connect with us today!
Participating in our Employer Advantage Skills Exchange starts with a simple conversation. Let us help you identify the recruitment or skills challenges you are currently facing. Contact our business team to learn more – email: or phone: 020 8394 8593.