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Information for Parents and Carers

Support your child in their career decision making

As a parent or guardian, you are incredibly influential when it comes to the decisions your young person makes in all areas of their lives, and that is especially true when it comes to their education and careers. We know that the choices which are open to your young person today may be very different from when you were in their position, and you may feel as if you’re unsure about what advice to offer.

Our young people may have more choice about their careers but less security. They will contribute to an economy that has changed from industry-based to services-based in recent decades, and meet the challenges of the impact of technology.

You know your young person's strengths and interests best, and you can encourage them to think and talk about their future. There's no point nudging them towards your career of accounting if their weakest subject is maths, and little point trying to persuade them into the family dog-grooming business if their passion is science. Talking to your young person about how they could apply their interests to a future career is a great starting point.

If you have a family member or friend whose career is of interest to your young person, ask them to meet and discuss their experiences. Most people are more than happy to help.

Work experience can prove invaluable in either confirming your young person's career choice, or showing them that a different path is needed.

Job opportunities and wages in different sectors

The 'LMI for all' (Labour Market Intelligence) service provides up-to-date info on wages and opportunities. Use the tool below to find out about the sectors that interest you.

What employers look for

Qualifications are important to your young person's career, but successfully entering the world of work requires 'soft' or 'life' skills too. These are the things we know employers look for, and can make all the difference to your young person's chances of success. These include:

  • Self-confidence, with a willingness to learn from others
  • Good communication skills, including not talking too much or too little
  • Creative problem solving
  • Adaptability and flexibility, with a good work ethic
  • Assertiveness, with realistic expectations.

The specific skills needed to thrive in the workplace vary from job to job, but many of the basic 'soft' or 'life' skills remain the same.The notion of a 'job for life' is changing, and people tend to apply their skill sets in a variety of positions throughout their working life. If your young person speaks to someone who has had a lot of experience in their career they are likely to hear about a journey that has taken them on many twists and turns.

Careers Resources

At Nescot we offer a range of careers information and advice opportunities. We encourage students to get involved, to talk to our Careers Advisors, and to explore all their options.

  • We produce a termly careers newsletter for our students (click here to see a recent example) 
  • Grofar is a free and comprehensive digital platform, schools and colleges a single starting point to help simplify careers guidance. 
  • Careermag is a magazine for parents supporting their young person with career planning
  • The National Careers Service provides information, advice and guidance to help students to make decisions on learning, training and work by using step-by-step career tools
  • iCould - Information to help you inform your child’s decision-making
  • Barclays Life Skills - Advice for parents in helping their child gain valuable work experience
  • Writing Your Personal Statement - Advice on how to write a UCAS Undergraduate Personal Statement
  • Choosing Your Degree Subject - Advice from Which?
  • Going to University - A complete guide to going to university
  • Student Finance - Government website providing information on student finance
  • 16+ Choices - Visually engaging guides developed by the Department for Education about the options available after GCSE level learning
  • Careermap - Keep up-to-date with the latest opportunities for young people, and access free CPD webinars and online events
  • Parental Guidance - a valuable resource for those who are thinking about their child’s career options