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Graduation - on the day


Registration at Duchess's Stand, Epsom Downs Racecourse

The Registration Desk will be open on Level 1 of the Duchess's Stand from 12 noon. Please enter the building through the doors of Entrance No. 2. You MUST register by 1.45 pm at the latest or you will not be able to join your colleagues for the presentation on stage.
You will then be directed to the Gowning Area where you need to present your ticket and order confirmation from Evess in order to receive your gown. Your guests will be asked to wait for you while you are collecting your gown.

Please do not go directly to gowning even if you are late - you will not be given your gown if you are unable to show your ticket.

You and your guests should be seated in the hall by 2.15 pm. If you are travelling a long way, please allocate extra time to allow for unforeseen problems.

We expect the ceremony to last approximately 90 minutes but we are unable to give an exact time.


From Gowning, you will be able to proceed to the Photographers. You can pay for photography on the day if you did not book a package in advance at the same time you hire your gown.
Portraits and family group photographs will be taken in the studios in the Oaks Hall on the Ground Floor of the Duchess's Stand. Although the photographers will be closed during the Ceremony, they will be available again afterwards for as long as required to meet the demand.

What to wear

This is a formal occasion with all graduates wearing academic dress, and the dress code is smart. You must wear a gown to be presented with your award on the stage, and you should book your gown in advance.
Buttoned shirts are helpful for securing the gown hood, and jackets allow the gown to sit well on the shoulders. Gowns tend to slip if worn over very silky fabric, and very low-cut tops allow no means of keeping the hood in place. Wear smart but comfortable shoes as you will be on your feet for some of the time, and you will be crossing the stage in front of an audience.
Please leave all your personal belongings with one of your guests or in the Cloakroom on Level 1 of the Duchess’s Stand, Epsom Downs Racecourse.


If travelling by car, please arrive through the Grandstand gates and park in the area to the left and rear of the Duchess's Stand. Parking is free. Nearby stations are Epsom Downs, Tattenham Corner, and Ewell East, but you will need to book a taxi as there is no taxi rank at these stations. 

We strongly suggest that you and your guests arrive early to register, collect your gown and get your photographs taken. Hot drinks, sandwiches and light snacks can be obtained from the food outlet in the Grandstand.

After the Ceremony, you will be able to join guests, tutors, college leaders and of course your fellow students for cake and sparkling wine, which will be served in the Lammtarra Room, adjacent to the Diomed Room.

Order of Presentation

You will be seated in the auditorium in order of presentation, so it is vital that you sit in the seat allocated to you. Stewards will indicate when you should file towards the stage for your presentation and your name will be checked against the script. Your name will be checked again as you wait to ascend the stage to ensure that you are called in the correct order. To enable a smooth and rapid flow we would ask you to proceed quickly across the stage and follow instructions from the stewards to return quietly to your seat.
After the ceremony, the Academic Staff will leave the stage in procession and the graduates should follow in procession to the Lammtarra Room for photographs with the dignitaries and Refreshments.

In deference to those graduands who have still to be presented, we request that you and your guests REMAIN IN YOUR SEATS in the Hall until the end of the ceremony.

The Ceremony

You will be seated in the correct order for presentation. Please do not change your seat for any reason, as this could result in you missing the presentation of your award. This presentation order will be checked again when you are lining up ready to go on stage once again, we request that you do not leave the line.

When the time comes to go on the stage, you will be asked to leave your seat and file silently, a row at a time. Stewards will direct you to wait by the stage.

You should cross the stage as your name is called, shake hands with the distinguished guest (who will be obvious to you), pause for a moment and look towards the photographer, then follow the stewards' instructions to return to your seat quietly. In deference to other awardees, please do not leave the Diomed Room. You should note that the Gowning and Photography services will be closed during the ceremony.

If you have any query regarding your certificate, please contact the Exams Office