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Meet Our Hair & Beauty Students


Beauty Therapy

“We learn a lot of different treatments as part of the course. The tutors always teach us the relevant anatomy and physiology, so that we have the context we need and we understand what we’re doing in the treatment and why. The tutors have really high standards for our work, but I like that because you feel more prepared for the industry. They’re always talking about being professional, from our uniform to how to speak to clients. The facilities are great, and the equipment and products we have access to is amazing.”


Hair and Media Makeup

"At the moment we’re working on hair and makeup looks inspired by the 1980s, and body art inspired by Picasso. The body art is hard because you have to be really precise with the paint. My techniques have got much better since I started the course, and I feel much more confident. I didn’t realise how much planning and preparation goes into each look, but it makes us much better professionals. The teachers are really supportive and motivating, and their feedback helps us to keep improving."


Beauty Therapy

“We work in a really professional environment, and that sets people’s expectations straight away. The teaching is really structured, but it’s also fun. When we’re learning a treatment we usually learn the theory first and then we practice the treatment until we’re competent and confident. Then there’s a lot of emphasis on continuously improving, which is good practice for the industry.”

Photograph of a Nescot student

The course is really practical, and our projects are really varied. We’ve done so many different things already, from special effects like bruises and missing fingers to special occasion looks, like for a wedding.