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Meet Our Health & Social Care Students


Health & Social Care

“Studying Health and Social Care is a good basis for lots of different careers, because it’s such a broad course. The units include everything from nutrition to equality, so we’re learning specific skills and more general theories that we will use in our settings and our careers. The teachers are really good at making everything relevant and helping us to apply it, so we always understand how we will use what we’re learning. All the students were nervous about doing placements at first, but there’s a lot of support and it’s a good way of developing your confidence.”

Photograph of a Nescot student

The teachers all have different backgrounds and styles, so you get to learn different skills and perspectives. We’re taught to be critical, and how to research a brief and develop our work. That’s really useful for university and for our future careers. I’m going to the University of Hertfordshire next year to study Animation and Modelling.

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