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Meet Our Health & Social Care Students


Health & Social Care

“Studying Health and Social Care is a good basis for lots of different careers, because it’s such a broad course. The units include everything from nutrition to equality, so we’re learning specific skills and more general theories that we will use in our settings and our careers. The teachers are really good at making everything relevant and helping us to apply it, so we always understand how we will use what we’re learning. All the students were nervous about doing placements at first, but there’s a lot of support and it’s a good way of developing your confidence.”

Jess Renwick

Health Play Specialist Apprentice

“After a successful year on the Foundation Degree at Nescot, I had the opportunity for employment in my local children's hospital, as an apprentice Health Play Specialist. The training day runs alongside the Foundation Degree so I can stay in the same class. It has all worked out – now I have time for a job I really enjoy, time to study, and time to have a life.

There are so many things I love about this role. We were dealing with an autistic girl who needed to come into the hospital for a procedure– fear had prevented her from doing so before, but by developing a trusting relationship beforehand, I managed to get her in, and the outcome was successful.”

The flexibility of learning is what is great about this apprenticeship. I get paid and know I’ve got a career at the end of it.

Next year I plan to continue my studies by doing the BA Top-Up Professional Practice Working with Children and Young People, also through Nescot. It’s exciting to be on a real career path in a job you love.”

Photograph of a Nescot student

The teachers all have different backgrounds and styles, so you get to learn different skills and perspectives. We’re taught to be critical, and how to research a brief and develop our work. That’s really useful for university and for our future careers. I’m going to the University of Hertfordshire next year to study Animation and Modelling.

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