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Meet Our Motor Vehicle Students

Find out more about our Motor Vehicle courses first-hand.


Motor Vehicle

“I knew I wanted to study Motor Vehicle, and everyone said Nescot was the best college. I started at Level 1, where you start with more basic services like an oil change or fitting tyres, and you work up towards brake systems. Level 2 is more involved and bigger systems, like steering and suspension and the electrical system.

“The teachers are great, and they all have different industry experience so there’s a lot we can learn from them. I like the way the course is structured and how you work up towards more complicated elements. We always do theory and practical sessions when we’re learning something new. I like that, because getting to do something myself helps me to understand it better and remember it more. It’s a good way to learn. There’s a big change from school, especially with how we’re treated. The teachers are really knowledgeable and they’re really professional, so sometimes they feel more like your boss.

“The facilities at Nescot are really good. We have a big area to work in, and everything is kept really clean and tidy because that’s what will be expected at work. The tools we use in the department are the best brand in the industry, and we also have access to all the industry-standard diagnostic equipment, and even a range of different types of vehicles to work on. We have everything we need, so it’s really good preparation for work.”