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Meet Our Sport & Sport Science Students


Sport, Fitness and Personal Training

“Alongside studying at Nescot I also compete in judo at a high level. I’m currently the under-21 national judo champion. I knew I wanted to study Sport, and one of the reasons I chose Nescot is because the timetable gives me the flexibility to train and compete. The teachers are really knowledgeable, and really supportive of my sport.

“In our first year we studied anatomy and physiology, and then we applied that knowledge to instructing clients in the gym and creating programmes for them. When you learn how to teach other people it makes you more aware of your own technique, including proper form, proper bracing and proper muscle recruitment. That knowledge and technique has helped me with my own strength and conditioning training, and in turn that has made me stronger when I’m training and competing. I’m looking forward to studying nutrition this year, and learning more about fuelling my body through training five times a week for a physically demanding sport.

“I’m really proud of what I’ve achieved so far in judo, but I think I have the potential to go a lot further. Judo has given me given me self-discipline and respect. It’s taught me that you have to work hard in order to achieve, and I think that’s an important message for everything beyond sport, too. My aim is to be training full-time at the national training centre and competing internationally, so I’m just going to keep working hard and training hard and learning as much as I can.”


Sport & Exercise Science,  Level 3 Year 2

"I have a passion for sport, and I love helping people, so I knew I wanted to combine those things and become a PE teacher. I looked around at other colleges but Nescot was the best by far because it was so welcoming and informative. The teachers are really experienced in the industry, so they have a lot of knowledge to share. They’re so supportive of all the students, and you can see that they’re invested in our future careers. They’ve helped me get a job as a Learning Support Assistant at Nescot, which I fit around my course. I’m really enjoying it, and it’s great preparation for training as a teacher in the future.

The way the course is structured is great, because it gives you a great foundation for whichever part of the industry you want to work in as well as giving you ideas of careers you could do. My favourite unit was Anatomy and Physiology, because what you learn underpins every other unit. I also enjoyed learning about Sports Nutrition, and how you adjust a client’s diet according to their personal or professional goals. The Sports Injuries unit was also really popular, and lots of the students enjoyed it so much that they changed their career goals and are going to train as physiotherapists.

I want to help people to be active and to stay active, and to make sport and exercise realistic and achievable for everyone. I’m especially interested in making fitness accessible, particularly for people with additional needs. I also feel passionate about supporting young girls through exercise and empowering them to see what they can do, so that they see their bodies in a positive way.

The qualification is really varied, so it will suit people who want to go into any part of the industry. It’s definitely an advantage if you play sports - I grew up doing gymnastics and playing netball, so that helped me on the course. I’m looking forward to going to university next year, and I know that my qualification at Nescot is great preparation for that."


HND in Sport & Exercise Science

As a Level 2 student in Public Services I developed a real interest in fitness and training, so moved over to Sport for the Level 3. Getting good grades at Nescot gave me the confidence and self-belief for higher education, I hadn’t really seen myself on a degree level course before. I’m aiming for a career in sport, possibly in coaching. I play football and unfortunately had a serious leg injury a little while back. My knowledge of rehab and sports massage will hopefully help me to get back to full fitness quickly.


Sport Science  Levels 1 - 3

In his four years studying Sport Science at Nescot, Abraz says he has “loved every second”. Abraz joined Nescot from Blossom Hill School at Level 1, and shone at every stage. Now about to complete Level 3, he is progressing to London South Bank University. “The support from the teaching team and LSAs has been amazing, ensuring I can overcome any challenges on the course.”

Abraz divides his time between the College and his part-time job as a youth worker. “The sports course has really helped me with my job. We did a module on organising activity sessions, which taught me how to run sports with groups of children of various ages, some as young as 9.”

Abraz’s enthusiasm for youth work has led him to applying for a degree in Social Work starting in 2021. “I owe a lot to Nescot and thoroughly recommend it to others. I am delighted that this year a student from my old school is coming here to do sports too.”

Photograph of a Nescot student

I’d completed Level 3 Sport and taken a year out. The HND is a good way back into education after a short break. I want to become an Osteopath and am taking this programme as a step to my career path. The practical sports massage element is really valuable and helping my understanding of physiology.
Hamad, HND Sport & Exercise Science

Photograph of a Nescot student

The support from the teaching team and LSAs has been amazing, ensuring I can overcome any challenges on the course.