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Meet Our Travel & Tourism Students


Level 3 Travel & Tourism

“I came to an open event and I knew straight away that Travel and Tourism and Nescot were right for me. I studied Level 2 first and then progressed to Level 3, and I’ve really enjoyed it. The course is really broad, so you feel prepared to work in any part of the industry in the UK or abroad. One of the best things is that you get to do additional qualifications in Resort Reps and Cabin Crew or Aviation Operations on the Ground, which gives you a good advantage when you’re applying for jobs or to university. The teachers have all worked in the industry, so they can tell you first-hand what it’s like, or which role might suit your skills best. In the Cabin Crew qualification we learn about things like health and safety and how to deal with challenging behaviour, and having a tutor who can talk about her own experience in the job is amazing. She even talks about how annunciate our words when we’re doing announcements, for example. We even have a room set out like an aircraft to practice in, and when you’re doing things for yourself everything makes sense so much more than if you were just reading from a book. I’ve applied for an apprenticeship with a major airline, and because of my experience at Nescot I went into the interview feeling really prepared.”


Level 3 Travel & Tourism

“The best thing about the course is the teachers. They’re really good at explaining every topic, and you always feel supported. We study in a lot of depth, and it helps us to understand how the different parts of the industry fit together and where there are common themes. For example, as part of our cabin crew unit we’ve been talking about how we would support people with hidden disabilities on an aircraft, but those ideas carry over to if you were working in a hotel or a resort. I’m hoping to work as a resort rep in the future, and eventually as cabin crew. I definitely think that studying at Nescot has prepared me for my career in the travel industry.”

Photograph of a Nescot student

I want to work in the travel industry in the future, and the course has given me a lot of the skills and experience I need. I got to do an extra qualification in cabin crew, which will look great on my CV, and we even have a cabin crew room in the college.