Parents' FAQs

Can I get any financial help for my son or daughter to study at Nescot?

Grants are also available according to your child's unique circumstances and the college has a dedicated team of student finance experts to help you. Contact Sharon Greenwood on 020 8394 3033 or Jacqui Kavanagh on 020 8394 3186 for further information.

How can my son or daughter get to and from College?

Although Nescot has a rural setting it is extremely well served by public transport. There are two main line train stations within walking distance of the campus and we are easily reached by bus. Alternatively, the College has ample free parking for students and secure spaces for bicycles, motorbikes and mopeds. Vehicles should be registered at the beginning of term and parking permits clearly displayed.

Where will my son or daughter eat at College?

There are numerous healthy eating options available in our modern, airy Refectory. There is also a Deli Bar, a Coffee Shop, Starbucks and the Rasika restaurant. Businesses in the local village run special lunchtime offers for the students.

Will my son or daughter need any special equipment kit or uniform?

Some courses may require protective clothing and your child may choose to do an enrichment option or sport, which requires extra kit. The college makes every effort to provide kit for students but in some cases a contribution will be required.

How can I support my son or daughter during their time at Nescot?

Leaving school can be an exciting but also daunting time. Your child will have the highest levels of support at Nescot and we welcome parental involvement. We will work with you to ensure your child gets the most out of their college years.

Will I be kept informed of my son or daughters progress?

You will be invited to regular consultation evenings at the College where your child's needs and achievements will be fully discussed with you. Your child will have a Personal Tutor who will be your first point of contact for any queries you have.

How will I know if my son or daughter is having problems?

The College has effective systems to pick up any difficulties your child may be having before they become problems. You will be notified in the first instance by your child's Personal Tutor if anything is preventing them from achieving and we can provide expert help in overcoming these difficulties.

Will my son or daughter be safe at the college?

Nescot is a single campus college so everything your child needs is easily available on our secure site. Our security staff maintain a high profile across the college and especially in the refectory and Starbucks areas. They work closely with the Safeguarding team and are experienced in dealing with social and emotional difficulties. The College also has a clear child protection and welfare policy.

What is Nescot's Student Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Procedure?

Nescot has a comprehensive Student Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Procedure based around a simple two-tier disciplinary system. A Misdemeanour will first be addressed informally by the Personal Tutor / Head of Department. Actions will be set with the student, detailing what needs to be improved, how and by when. If the Misdemeanour continues, then the formal disciplinary stage will start. This will involve a formal verbal warning, final written warning and ultimately may lead to exclusion from Nescot.

For serious breaches of the Student Code of Conduct, formal disciplinary action will be taken.

What if I have a complaint about Nescot?

You should be able to resolve most issues with the help of your child's Personal Tutor. If this is not the case you can fill out a form in Reception which will be forwarded to the Assistant Principal, Student Services and Quality.

What if my son or daughter needs additional support?

Nescot is proud of the expert support we provide for our students. If you let us know what challenges your child faces we can work together to overcome them.

What if my son or daughter has a medical problem?

Nescot has dedicated medical staff on site to deal with health advice, medical complaints and emergencies. The College Nurse is situated in the First Aid Room on the ground of floor of North Wing.

What are Study Programmes?

Every full time student has an individual study programme which brings together the qualifications and skills that you need to have the best opportunities to progress to the next level of your studies or to employment. What’s in your study programme will depend on what you have already achieved and what your next step will be towards your eventual career.

You start by choosing your main course – and when we meet you we’ll put the rest of the programme together with you.
If you haven’t yet achieved English and Maths GCSE at grade 4 it will include either GCSE or functional skills at a level to enable you to keep studying and get employed.

Depending on which main course you choose, coupled with your English and Maths needs, there may be work experience, an extended project, online courses and workshops to prepare you for employment as part of your study programme.
Study programmes are all 540 hours and all parts of your programme are compulsory.








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