Working together - Parents' and Guardians Guide

The difference between school and a College environment can seem enormous at first. There are a host of new routines and responsibilities to learn before a student even begins their chosen course of study. At Nescot, we believe that the best way to ease this transition is to provide quality student support and we also know that this support begins with parents and guardians. Small class sizes and individual tutor support ensure that every student can develop a close, professional relationship with teaching and support staff. But we also work with parents and carers to regularly communicate about progress, performance and attendance to develop a real partnership. While we want to encourage our students to become independent, capable young adults, we value the contribution of concerned parents and guardians, and you can contact your son or daughter's tutor at any time.

Starting College

Your son or daughter will be invited to formally enrol at the College. They should bring their birth certificate or passport, certificates of any qualifications and means of payment for their course (if required). New students will have an individual interview with teaching staff and will also be assessed in literacy and numeracy. This is so we are aware of their current ability and can tailor their learning appropriately. They will also be given instructions for their first day.

Once term begins, each student will meet with their personal tutor and draw up a Learning Plan. This is an agreement between the student and the College and sets personalised goals for students to achieve in the term ahead. Teaching staff use these Learning Plans to track progress and you and your son or daughter will also be able to monitor their targets and progress. You will be invited to regular consultation evenings at the College where these achievements will be fully discussed with you.

You will first be invited to the College early in the first term, after courses have commenced. This gives you the opportunity to meet us and for you to learn about the college and your son or daughter's course and department. You will also be given details on how to contact tutors.








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