Tutorials at Nescot

We believe it is vital that learners have the support to get the best out of their college years and we do this through our tutorial and enrichment system.

The role of Personal Tutor is one of the most important within the college as he/she is there to raise aspirations and act as an advocate and guide along the learner journey.   The Personal Tutor’s role is to inspire and support the students in managing his/her learning, to guide with enthusiasm towards achievement of goals and to reflect positively on the learning experience in a supportive relationship. 

Nescot is committed to supporting its students during their time in college to ensure that they achieve their set goals and are ready for the workplace. In order to support the student’s personal and academic progress during their time at Nescot a tutorial programme will include: 

  • The Induction process which will last for a minimum 7 weeks.
  • Tutorial will focus around 1:1s and target setting managing and monitoring the students study programme with their personal tutor
  • Rigorous monitoring of attendance, punctuality and academic progress as well as action planning for each student focusing on all aspects of the students study programme (Vocational, English and Maths & work experience)
  • Providing individual pastoral support for each student
  • The promotion and delivery of an Employer Ready Passport in collaboration with The Employer Hub based at Nescot
  • Progression into HE (internal and external) and progression to employment

Student Attendance Mentors:

Under the pastoral and safeguarding support at Nescot, we have three Student Attendance Mentors. The role of a SAM is to improve the attendance, retention and achievement of all students at Nescot. A SAM will monitor and mentor students who are at risk of dropping out of college, or not succeeding on their study programme due to internal and external factors. SAMs also assist students in the completion and achievement of their study programme through referral to internal or external support systems if needed.








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