Technology at Nescot

Nescot has a forward-looking approach to Information Learning Technology (ILT). The college is committed to exploring the latest technology to enhance the teaching and learning experience for our staff and students.

Nescot has pursued a policy of substantial investment in technology to provide interactive whiteboards in every classroom, one Windows-equipped, open access PC for every three students, including specialist areas in the Refectory and LRC, and wireless access across the entire campus so students can use their own laptops and mobile devices wherever they may be in the college.

Every Nescot student is provided with a college email address and student email account and the use of the college's well subsidised, professional reprographic department. The college's vibrant Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), which has been established for over three years, has over 1400 active users.

The VLE, an online area where students can access course materials and discuss content with tutors, is available outside college hours wherever there is internet access. Students can also make use of the online assessment tracking tool and record of achievement to monitor progress and improve performance.

The team regularly meets with the college's Learner Voice groups to discover what students would like to see improved and have recently provided more Apple Macs in the Media area and PCs in Photography as a result of these consultations.

As well as these cross-college facilities, the ILT department is also working to trial new technologies with specific departments. Care and Health are working with interactive voting systems, to facilitate real-time feedback and assessment, Computing are using textwalling, and many other interactive resources are being tested in innovative ways in the college's practical training areas.

The ILT team at Nescot points out that this new technology not only familiarises students with the digital reality of the modern workplace, but is designed to give tutors the tools to create exciting, engaging lessons.

This means investment in the latest industry-standard soft and hardware must be backed up with the very best in training for tutors and staff.

Following the LSIS ECPD framework, staff at Nescot are given full training in the use of e-learning kit as part of their professional development requirement. The team deliver their training from a teachers' perspective and encourage staff to take ownership of the technology, using it to enhance their own teaching style.

Nescot believes that this commitment to innovation in teaching brings daily benefits to staff and students. Our responsive approach to the technology needs of teachers and learners plays a fundamental part in the quality of education we are able to offer to our students.








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