Access to Higher Education

Access courses: What are they?

Do you want to go to university but don’t have the formal qualifications? Access to Higher Education courses are diplomas which prepare people for university-level study. Access courses are designed for people who left school without formal qualifications, like A-Levels and BTECs, but want to study for HNCs, HNDs and degrees. Nescot offers the Diploma in Health & Social Care Professions (Nursing pathway).

What’s next after an access course?

After you’ve completed an Access course at Nescot you can continue into Higher Education. You can use our Career Coach service to find out where you could work when you finish and what you could earn.

How much does an Access course at Nescot cost?

An Access course at Nescot costs £3,365. The fee includes tuition and registration, but there is also an affiliation fee of £25. You can find more about the costs of Higher Education at Nescot here.

Help with paying your fees

  • Study a Level 3, 4, 5 or 6 further education course, commencing after 1st August 2016 and you may qualify for a loan!
  • No need to pay fees up-front
  • Not reliant on income or employment status
  • No repayments until you are earning over 21K
  • Access to Higher Education courses: you will not have to repay the loan if you then go on to complete a higher education (university) qualification.

Further details can be found on the GOV.UK website :

To make an application for an Advanced Learning Loan, please phone Sharon Greenwood on 020 8394 3033 or Jacqui Kavanagh on 020 8394 3186, or email

You can find out how much you'd repay when you start working by using the tool below:

Repayment calculator

Please note that some students aged 19 – 23 may qualify for fee remission for a level 3 course and so should contact our Student Finance Advisers above before making an application for an Advanced Learning Loan.

Nescot offers a wide range of support to students, from a dedicated finance team, to help with childcare costs, specialist support for people with disabilities and staff who can provide assistance to young people who are in or have recently left care.

For independent advice, visit the Money Advice Service, and for information on learning and funding, visit the National Careers Service website. You can find out more about the 24+ Advanced Learning Loans and apply.

For more information about the financial support available to Nescot students, including bursaries and other entitlements, contact Sharon Greenwood or Jacqui Kavanagh in Student Finance by calling 020 8394 3033 or 3186.








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