An apprenticeship enables anyone aged 16 and over to learn a profession by learning knowledge and skills in the classroom and gaining practical experience at work. Apprenticeships at Nescot range from Computing and Combat Systems Engineering to Customer Service, and Childcare.

Thanks for your interest in Nescot’s Apprenticeships. We hope you can find all the information you need on our website, but if you still have any questions you’re welcome to call the Apprenticeships team on 020 8394 8425 or email us. You can also call the college’s Advice and Guidance team for a chat on 020 8394 3038 or email them, or contact us via Facebook or Twitter.

Information for employers:

What is an apprenticeship?
What are the benefits of hiring an apprentice?
What does Nescot offer apprenticeships in?
How much does it cost to hire an apprentice?
How could Nescot's Employer Hub help me?
How would Nescot support me?

The apprenticeship team is part of Nescot's Employer Services centre. You can find out more about what else the Employer Services team do here, including our flexible learning options, Training Works, and our Gas and Electrical Academy. If you’re interested in becoming an apprentice but don’t have a job, our on-site Employer Hub can help. You can read more about what they do here.

Nescot is Epsom’s college of Further and Higher Education, and offers full and part-time vocational courses and apprenticeships to students from across the whole South East. We’ve got all kinds of courses, from Animal Care to Public Services and Performing Arts to Games Design, and qualifications from entry-level to post-graduate. You can have a look at our Further Education courses here, and our Higher Education courses here. Nescot also has some great facilities and services, from our Osteopathy and Hair and Beauty Clinics to our Nursery, Counselling service and Sports facilities.

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