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Principles for Digital Skills in Employment: Level 2 TQUK Certificate (Distance Learning)

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Course Summary

This qualification is aimed at anyone in employment or searching for employment, particularly those wishing to develop digital skills in relation to the management of information and digital safety, security and communication. 

Course Code:N3TZS
Study Type:Part Time
Academic Level:
Award:Principles for Digital Skills in Employment - Level 2 TQUK Certificate
Awarded by:TQUK
Course Length

Learners should complete the course within 6 weeks.

To apply please click here to go to our Distance Learning Website

Course Detail

To apply please click here to go to our Distance Learning Website

This qualification is designed for those wishing to improve their existing knowledge or learn how to apply digital skills in personal and business environments. It is suitable for anyone with a basic understanding of IT searching for career progression, or wishing to improve their digital skills for business or personal use.

The course consists of five units and will cover the following areas:

Unit 1: Developing digital career skills

In this unit, the learner will explore the concepts and principles of digital skills, their relevance and how to improve them. The learner will also look at social media and the internet in relation to employment opportunities, what forms an online identity, and understand how to use technology to enhance career progression.

Unit 2: Management of information

The learner will be asked to look at how to gather reliable information using different techniques, as well as copyright regulations and procedures, and what happens when these are breached. The learner will also be asked to explore information storage methods for data management and why these are in place, plus the benefits and limitations of these methods.

Unit 3: Digital device safety awarenes

The learner will gain an understanding of types of threats to data and how to protect it, as well as considering data protection legislation. They will also be asked to look at health and safety legislation regarding the use of digital equipment and how the risks can be reduced.

Unit 4: Communication and productivity

In this unit, the learner will be shown how to communicate effectively using a range of technology, including email, online meeting and collaboration tools, and digital networks. The learner will also be asked to understand the advantages and disadvantages of these methods and look at safety issues and support related to social media.

Unit 5: Digital security

In this unit, the learner will identify a range of security threats and system protection methods, as well as exploring current legislation around system and data protection and organisational policies and procedures relating to system security.


Candidates use an online learning platform without the need to attend the college to gain this qualification. Guided online learning materials contain the information required to meet assessment criteria, and activities allow candidates to practice the skills and knowledge gained throughout each unit of the course. Assessments are based on demonstrating what has been learned through work-based activities. Learners should complete the course within 6 weeks.

Course Fees

Free if you meet the eligibility criteria (click here for details) and if you complete the course (click here for details of our terms and conditions)

Entry Requirements

No formal qualifications are required to take this course, however you will need to demonstrate commitment and motivation to work through the distance-learning materials. The learner must live in England and be over 19 years of age.

Your Next Steps

The qualification is part of our Business Start Up and Retail Knowledge programme, including Data protection, Money Management and Customer service. We can arrange a combination of subjects as a package specifically for you and your organisation.

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