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Information, Advice or Guidance: Level 2 (Distance Learning)

Course information

Course Summary

This course is ideal for anyone with an interest and/or some involvement in information, advice or guidance delivery in their work but not as their main role, for example: learning support workers; mentors; people working in voluntary organisations or with adult or community groups; tutors and outreach workers. 

Course Code:N3TJY
Study Type:Part Time
Academic Level:Level 2
Award:Information, Advice or Guidance NCFE Level 2 Certificate
Awarded by:NCFE
Course Length

Learners should complete the course within 12 weeks.

Course Detail

Learners will increase their awareness of the range of resources available to clients in specific organisations. They will also develop an understanding of the range of media available which can be used to provide information to their own clients. The programme will provide them with the skills to recognise when it is appropriate to signpost or refer clients to other agencies and understand how to monitor and evaluate referrals. Employers will benefit from their employees becoming more informed and self-assured in their work role and consequently, clients will receive a higher quality service. This course covers a range of essential skills for the workplace, which will be useful to learners throughout their careers. It provides an introduction to information management, document production and administrative services.  The course has a credit value of 15 on the Qualifications Credit Framework.

Candidates work through the course materials for the programme at times convenient to them, so there is no need to attend the college to gain the qualification.

The course will cover the following areas and consists of two modules and five units:

  • Module A: Developing interaction skills for information, advice or guidance. Information, advice or guidance in practice.
  • Module B: Managing information. Signposting and referral in information, advice or guidance. Information, advice or guidance work with groups.


The learning materials contain the knowledge needed to meet the assessment requirements of the course and activities to allow candidates to practice their skills and test their learning. Assessments are based on a combination of knowledge and skills learned on the programme and work-based activities and experience.

Course Fees

Free if you meet the eligibility criteria (click here for details) and if you complete the course (click here for details of our terms and conditions)

Entry Requirements

You do not need to have any formal qualifications in order to follow this course, but you will need to demonstrate commitment and motivation to work through the specially prepared distance-learning materials.

Your Next Steps

The qualification aims to provide a sound preparation for further study and access to a range of vocational qualifications, including Apprenticeships and Diplomas in customer service or related subjects.

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